Monday, April 16, 2012

Happy 5 months


You are 5 months old today! 
You weigh approximately 15 pounds

You are still my little bobblehead- tiny body and big head. 
You  still fit into some 0-3 month clothes.  You are wearing a few 3-6 month clothes and jammies. 
You are still eating a lot!  You are eating 5-6 times/day, usually just 5.  I still have had to give you 2 oz formula a few times a day because I can't keep up with your demand.  You take about 36-38 oz breast milk per day.   
You wear size 2 diapers, but we have started putting you in size 3's for sleep.
You stay awake anywhere from 1.5-2.5 hours after eating.  You still like Sophie the giraffe.  You love books.  You like your playmat with keyboard kick plate and are really liking your jumper and bouncer.   
The weather has been great so we have been able to get out and walk pretty regularly and you love it.  You love looking at everything and usually fall asleep before we get back.  
Your smile melts our hearts.  You are continuing to be happier and happier.  You are definitely becoming a little charmer - you smile really easily at everyone.
You still really like being held - we can't put you down for too long.  Although, you don't want to sit still, you want to stand all the time.
You have started flipping from your stomach to your back and flipping from your back to your stomach.  One of my favorite things happened this past month - you started raising your arms up when we say, "Up."  We just love picking you up and having you reach for us.
Your eyes still look like a deep blue color.
Your hair is continuing to lighten and is now blonde.
You don't take much of an interest in the tv anymore and I'm not sure why.  
You are sleeping about 10-11 hours per night.   You go to sleep pretty easily, thankfully.  Naps have been rough this past month.  You have only been napping 15-30 min at a time.  I have started to put you in the sleep sack instead of your swaddle for naps and I think that's why you aren't napping very well.  You keep waking yourself up.   
Everything still goes in your mouth these days. 
You are trying really hard to mimic our mouths and sounds.  You are just starting to blow raspberries and make a cute popping sound.  
We started feeding you rice cereal a few weeks ago and you love it.  You still love watching us eat and open your mouth real wide and try and steal our utensils.  I think we are going to start baby food some time in the next week or two.  
You are our sweet precious gift from God.  
We love you!
Love your little rosy cheeks

Happy 5 months!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Little Stinker

I'm having a great weekend at my parent's house.  I drove up to Indiana with Hudson yesterday.  Brian has a lot of work he wanted to get done at our house, so he stayed behind.  Thankfully Hudson did great.  I was really worried about him screaming part of the trip, but he slept part of it and then entertained himself the rest of the time.  He started to lose it the last 10 minutes and that was it.  Whew!!  

We got here at 12:30 and hung out with my parents all day, then my mom and I decided to go shopping and we left Hudson with my dad.  We were only gone a couple of hours, but when we got home Hudson had just had a major poo explosion and my dad was in the middle of changing him.  My dad found the diapers, but not the wipes and was using toilet paper and he didn't put down any sort of pad down and got poo all over my mom and dad's bedspread.  Of course Hudson thought the whole thing was hilarious and was rolling all over the place.  Little Stinker!  -literally.  Poor Grandpa hasn't had to change a diaper in 20+ years.  It was a good effort, but I'm thankful we walked in when we did - who knows where else poo may have ended up.  

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


We had a great first Easter as a family of three.  We decided to go to Brian's parents house for the weekend.  Hudson got lots of quality time with Grandma and Grandpa.  Thankfully Hudson did great on the drive to Indiana and great on the way back home.  
Grandma loved feeding Hudson 
Grandma loved holding Hudson
Melissa feeding H
Melissa and Michael - it was so nice seeing both of them.  They came up Saturday because they already had plans on Sunday
Brian and H before church.  We had planned on going to my old church, but H was up part of the night coughing and we were pretty exhausted, so we decided to take him to Brian's parents church (a lot closer in case we needed to leave).  Thankfully, he ended up being fine, I think the poor guy was a little too warm, every time I checked on him, his arms were so hot.  
I decided that I can't pull that headband off
After church Brian's parents had family over for a delicious lunch and an Easter egg hunt.  Brian helping one of the twins.
I'm not sure which of the twins this is, but she was too funny.  She was scared to put any of her candy in her bag, I think she was afraid it was going to be taken away, so she was using her mouth to help carry it.  It took us the entire hunt to convince her to put the candy in the bag.
Love this picture of Hudson and the Grandparents.  This was right before we left.   We got H ready for bed because we knew he would sleep in the car and as soon as we got home we put him in his crib.
A few more pictures of my little guy's outfit.  I loved it so much!
Love how chubby my little man looks in this picture.  His outfit is 0-3 months and still a little big, but you sure can't tell it's big when you look at his big head and cheeks.  

"What up?"
Rejoice in the promise of eternal life!  Praying Easter blessing to you all.
Happy Resurrection Day!