Friday, September 26, 2014

Quick Trip

Last weekend we made a quick trip to Indiana.  Brian's grandparents leave for Florida in a few weeks, so we wanted to see them before they left and we had some friends fly in from California that we wanted to see.

Brian's grandparents are so sweet and loved meeting Beckett.
Love this picture of Beckett smiling at Great Grandma
Wish Chris, Brittney, and Cooper were in this picture
Cupcake making with Nana
I think Hudson spent more time sampling the batter and frosting than actually making cupcakes
Family get together
My Grandpa came by my parent's house later in the day, so he could meet Beckett.  
My Grandpa looks a little shocked.
Beckett did great sitting on his lap - just sat and enjoyed the company
We got the 3 adults smiling and neither kid looking at the camera - that was the best picture we could get

This is the house I grew up in.  I wanted to stop and take a picture.  It has a great front porch.  We had a swing on the left side and swung on it daily.  We still love and miss that old house.  It's around 130-140 years old.  
Racing with all the kids
Hudson and Nakoa - neither one of them was very happy about sitting for a picture.  Brian tried telling Hudson to enjoy getting to sit next to a pretty girl
We got back Monday afternoon and were still pretty tired on Tuesday - so tired that Beckett and Hudson actually fell asleep on me.  I was savoring the moment because Hudson has never fallen asleep on me, so it was a sweet moment.
  Love his little eyelashes in this picture

Thursday, September 18, 2014

House Remodel

Brian and I are big DIYers and last year we bought a fixer upper in a nice neighborhood and hope to sell it in a couple years and move into something bigger.  We've spent the last year remodeling our house and it is about 98% done - just a few minor last minute things to get done, but it's close enough that I can post some pictures.  

The Living Room Before:
Old carpet and old windows.
 The living room probably was the least transformational of all of our rooms.  It was pretty basic to begin with.
We ripped the carpet out, laid hardwood, painted the room and trim, replaced the windows, and built the shelves on the right.  Brian laid most of the hardwood, but I probably did about 15% of it.  I got pretty good at it - it was a lot easier than I thought it would be.  

The Dining Room Before:
Awful wallpaper, partially peeling off -a chevron pattern from 20 years ago, old light fixture, and old carpet

The Dining Room After:  
We painted the trim and wainscoting white, ripped off the wallpaper, painted the walls a light blue/gray, replaced the window and light fixture, and laid hardwood

The Master Bedroom Before:
Awful wallpaper border and carpet

Master Bedroom After:
New carpet, replaced the windows, removed wallpaper border, painted the room a light gray color.  --And yes, that is my treadmill in the bedroom and I use it 3-4x/wk. - I should've hidden the stuff under our bed and nightstand better

I'll try and take more after pictures over the next several weeks.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Happy 2 months!


Happy 2 months!  I can't believe it's been 2 months already.  You're such a sweet, pleasant, happy baby.  You're pretty go with the flow.  This post is a few days late.  Your shots were a few days late.
This was the outfit you wore home from the hospital, it finally fits pretty good.
It's been a little hard to establish a day routine since I have to take Hudson to school 3 days/week.  You really started smiling a lot these past few weeks and rarely get mad and never stay mad for more than a minute or so.
"Hey, Ladies!" If you weren't moving your hand, this might be my favorite picture
Your hair is falling out, I'm guessing it's going to grow back blonde like Hudson's.  Your eyes are still a really pretty navy blue.

  You are finally starting to turn the corner sleep wise.  You've been falling asleep by about 8 pm and wake up about 3 or 4 and eat for about 30 minutes and then fall back asleep immediately and sleep until about 7:45, sometimes you wake up about 6, and eat again and will go back to sleep easily again.  We've tried to do a dream feed about 10, but you still wake up by 3.  You are eating 7-8 times/day.  You're still only getting breastmilk and eat about 30-34 oz/day.  You are not a very good napper.  You usually take 1 good nap a day, about 1.5-2hrs in length, but your other naps are only 30-45 min long.

Mr. Serious.  You look so sweet and precious to me in this picture.  It's one of my favorites.
Back to Mr. Smiley.  "Uh...Mom, can you fix my head, please?"

You wear a size 1 diaper.  You wear a bunch of different size clothes - onesies are usually 6 months, but shorts or pants are usually 3 months.
Your brother wanted in on the pictures.  He still loves you so much.  He had just had a bath

You weigh: 12 pounds 9 oz = 62%
Your length is: 24" = 78%
Your head is in the 23rd%

You look chubbier in this picture than what you are.
Nana made you this cute blanket.  I love it!
I got this poem from my sweet blogging friend Grace and it really made me tear up.  There are a lot of hard days, but so many, many more great days and I don't want to miss out on a second of this moment in my life.  God has brought such love I never knew possible and unspeakable joy, that this really is the best time of my life.  

To Hudson and Beckett:

The best times of my life

Each passing day, watching you grow and play,
These are the best times of my life. 
You're growing up so fast and I just want it to last.
These are the best times of my life.
I just want to enjoy every little second with you. I still
feel you as being so new.
These are the best times of my life.
The love your father and I share are like none that can compare.
These are the best times of my life.
I pledged my love to your father which bloomed into you. You are
the fairy tale ending come true.
These are the best times of my life.

You are our sweet, precious gift from God.  We praise God for 2 healthy, sweet boys.  We love you!  Happy 2 months!

A couple of comparison pictures:
Hudson at 2 months - he was definitely a lot smaller and a lot more serious.  I don't have any 2 month smile pictures.
Beckett 2 months

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Great Weekend

We're having the best weekend!  Friday night a group of our friends came over and we had tacos and hung out for a while.  It's so fun watching all the kids interact and play together.
 Saturday we went to Evan's Orchard for their Apple Festival.  We met a few friends there, as well.

My favorite picture from the day - the clouds look so ominous.  Fall has definitely showed up.  It was cool -maybe 60 degrees that morning, but when the wind picked up, it definitely felt chilly.

Mr. Attitude?
Beckett did awesome!  He slept the entire time.
Hayride- but we ran out of time
Play land
Picking some apples - my 2nd favorite picture
Such a gorgeous area
Me and my littles
Hudson may or may not have sampled an apple
I love my little country boy/lumberjack.  I got his boots last year at a garage sale.
Hudson was just a little too short to really pedal
Big fun slide

Hudson was a little apprehensive going down the big slide by himself, but he mustered up the courage and did it and really enjoyed being a big boy
Hudson's favorite thing was the giant air pillow.  He jumped for a good 20+
Eli and Hudson
We shared 2 apple pies and they were so...delicious!  And we bought a bunch of apple donuts and and a small bag of apples that we picked.
Such a fun day!!

We went to church Saturday night so we could get up early and go to Raven Run Nature Sanctuary on Sunday.  It was such a beautiful drive there and such a gorgeous day.  
Raven Run is a nature preserve with over 10 miles of hiking trails and a few end up at the Kentucky River Palisades.  It's about 25 minutes from our house.  It was the first time we've been there, and we're definitely going back.  We would've loved to have seen the palisades, but the hike was 4+ miles and we decided that was just too long for a 2 year old.
The weather was incredible- about 65 degrees.
I love this old barn.
We stuck with an easy trail.  Hudson found plenty of walking sticks - a boy and his sticks.
Yes, Hudson has on the same jacket, jeans, and boots from Saturday.   I figured he was going to get muddy, so why not wear clothes from the previous day.
Love my little boys.
Crossing the creek
Playing in the creek
Attempt at a family picture
I was trying to include Beckett in a few more pictures - I wasn't paying attention that you couldn't actually see his face.  He did great again and slept the entire time.
Hudson saw this bench and told us he needed a nap.  
Pretty background -another attempt at a family picture
Such a lovely weekend and so much fun.  I'm thankful Hudson is getting to a really good age to get out and do stuff and thankful that Beckett is really easy going and easy to take places.