Monday, August 29, 2016

Happy 4 months

~Emersyn Kate~
This is probably one of my 5 favorite pics that I've taken of my kids.  I just love how sweet and cute you look.  

Happy 4 months!   I know I say it every month, but time is FLYING by!  You are still such a lovely, sweet, laid back baby.  You are squeeking and squawking a lot lately and smile really easily.  You love your bouncer and play mat.  You also love to lay against my chest or be turned around and watch people.  I think you hit your 4 month growth spurt because you have been eating a lot these past couple of days and not sleeping as well.  You have to have something in your mouth all the time - your paci, your hands, a toy, name it and you try and put it in your mouth.   You still wear size 1 diaper and a few 0-3 month clothes, but mostly 3-6 month.  You weigh: 13 lbs 4 oz = 40% Your length:  25.5" = 81%   Your head:  70%.  You are long and skinny.   Hudson was 13 lbs 15 oz and 24" and Beckett was 15 lbs 2 oz and 25.5".  Sadly, you had a double ear infection at your appt today, so you got your 1st antibiotic.  Thankfully, you're pretty tough, we really didn't know you were sick - you have a slight runny nose, but that's it.
Your eyes are still a really pretty navy blue and icy blue in the middle.  Still strawberry blonde/red hair.  Naps are not so great.  You've been doing 3 20-30 min naps, every now and then you'll give me a big 2-3 hr nap.  You definitely like being swaddled.  You are pretty set on going to be at 7:30, if it's much later than that, you tend to start losing it - the only real time you really cry.

You just started flipping from your back to your stomach.  One morning you did it and have continued to do it ever since.
My nurse manager from Indiana was an amazing manager, nurse, and such a sweet person.  We've kept in touch some through facebook.  She has gotten all 3 of you kids these super soft, cute blankets.   So kind and sweet of her!!  My friend, Sheri, got you this super cute headband.  I've definitely adopted the southern mantra "The bigger the bow, the better the Mama"
This was the best picture I could get with the teddy bear - half a smile so I moved on
My friend, Ashley, gave me this sweet dress - all 3 of her daughters wore it.
It's funny - you are all smiles and pure sweetness all the time, but the second I pull the camera out, you turn kind of serious
I love this outfit and the color on you
Your brothers still adore you and want to hold you a lot.  I was trying to move fast with pictures and I didn't have the lighting quite right.  I might need to try and re-take them.  
This dress and headband remind me of the movie Frozen

There's something sweet about this picture that I really like.  Thankfully you're so easy going that you don't mind me treating you like a baby doll and constantly changing your clothes.  And I just can't kiss you enough, you're just so cuddly and kissable  

You are our sweet precious gift from God!  We love you so much!  I love documenting things about you, it definitely makes me stop and take even more time to be thankful for all my kids.  Your middle name, Kate, means Pure and that's one of the bible verses I've prayed over you since I was pregnant, long before we knew what your name was going to be -  Philippians 4:8  "Whatever is true, noble, pure, trustworthy, lovely, admirable, excellent or praiseworthy,  think of these things"
We love you, our sweet, precious girl!
Love, Mommy & Daddy

The boys tend to be with us when we're taking pictures and we're usually dodging some kind of ball -I caught this ball midair flying at you.
The boys are supposed to stay off the blanket, but Beckett snuck right in
Of course, Hudson wanted in on a picture, too
You did not like being in the itcy grass

Friday, August 26, 2016

Camping FAIL

 We decided to go camping last weekend.  Our friends, Tim and Lisa, invited us.  Their daughter was turning 4 and they wanted to have her party at the Kentucky Horse Park Campground.  We decided that since it's about 20 minutes from our house, to give it a try.  Emersyn Kate has been sleeping through the night and we thought, "Hey, let's give it a go."  Well, a few days before we went, Brian started saying, "I'm not sure this is a good idea.  Could be the best night ever or worst night ever."  I told him to not be so negative.
Here we are setting up.

See that Jay Feather camper behind the boys?  Well, that's what Tim and Lisa were camping in.   We should have turned around and headed home then.  They have a kitchen, bathroom, AC, and 3 queen beds in there.  
Trying to get the fire going.
Analiese's party.

There was a lot of fun stuff for the kids to do  -play in the sand on the volleyball courts, swim, play on the playground, play basketball, ride bikes,...
Katie was napping in this pic.  It's been in the 90's for more than a month, I think and this was the first day in the 80's, so it actually felt kind of cool.  
Well, we tried laying the boys down at 9, but they were wild, so we let them back up and they played on the playground for another hour.  At 10, we tried reading to them again for about 15 min.  We could tell both of them were tired, but Beckett turned crazy.  He started crying hysterically and would not calm down.  Emersyn Kate was already asleep and Hudson managed to fall asleep with all the screaming going on.  We tried reading more and bribes, but he was so overly tired and confused that nothing helped.  At 11, I got in the van with him to try and get him to calm down.   At 11:30, he fell asleep, so I opened the van door and carried him over to the tent, the minute we got in the tent, he woke up and started crying some more.  We went back to the van again - we did that 2 more times, until finally about 12:45 he was knocked out.  We were able to lay him down and we tried sleeping.  I kind of dozed off, but Brian couldn't.  At 1:45, Beckett woke back up screaming, so I said, "That's it!  Let's get packed up and go home."    We packed up pretty quickly and were home by 3:30.  I quickly showered the boys to get the smoke smell off of them and gave Emersyn Kate a quick bath.  Meanwhile, Brian was unpacking the van and started laundry.  At 4:30, Brian and I finally laid down and fell asleep fast.  Thankfully, the kids slept in until 8:30.   Next time, we'll try camping in the backyard to see if Beckett is ready.  

This is the 3 of us before church last Sunday.  We all ended up dressing alike.  I dressed Beckett and Brian helped Hudson.  If only Brian and Katie were matching too, it would have been perfect.  

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Grandpa and Gigi came to visit this past weekend.  We had a blast!  The time went by too fast.

Beckett's 1st Day of School

Yesterday was Beckett's 1st day of school.  We prayed for him to have a great day and to learn a lot this year.  Can't believe my little guy is starting school.  He did great at drop off and pick up.
Pictures were HARD!  Why can't anyone just look at me and have a normal smile?  Although, I love the excitement on his face in this pic.

This picture shows his true personality - shy but a little ornery.  
I couldn't get him to keep his tongue in his mouth.  I know I sounded like a crazy person to everyone walking by "Put your tongue back in your mouth.  Smile please.  Hold still.  Hold the sign still.  Don't touch your hair.  Please smile.  Okay, just look at the camera." 
Hudson was SUPER excited to be in the pic, not sure what I was thinking with my hair.
Everyone was done by this point.  So much for a nice picture with Daddy.  Hudson looks like he's on something, Beckett looks like he wants to punch Brian, and Brian is thinking "Can I please just go to work?"
Just keepin' it real.  

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Summer Vacay

We just got back from the BEST WEEK EVER!  Instead of Florida, we decided to go to Gatlinburg, TN.  We decided it would be easier and closer since we have a 3 month old.  We were nervous that it wasn't going to be as fun, but it ended up being a blast!
This is a view from our balcony - the left side and the right side

This is what Beckett did about a thousand times.  He jumped and jumped and jumped off the side of the pool.
He also loved being thrown in the pool
Hudson just swimming around

My niece Jasmine loved being thrown in the water
Hudson loved swimming around - he did not want to be thrown or jump in the pool
My family
There was a creek behind our condo, and Brian let Hudson play in it 
We had gorgeous sunsets nearly every night
We could sit on our balcony and watch the Dollywood fireworks every night.  They put on a great show EVERY NIGHT.  
We hiked a 1.2 mile round trip trail and it took about 2 hours.  It was really pokey, but fun.   Hudson had his map to help us
Hudson taking photos with his tablet
Not sure where the peace sign came from

Looking for bears or foxes or squirrels - Hudson loved that map

My boys!
That tiny waterfall in the background was the end of our hike.  

Creek time fun again on the way back
My niece Jasmine and Emmie Kate
Hudson and Jasmine became really good buddies on this trip

We went to the aquarium one afternoon and they gave the boys those silly hats - I'm not sure what they're supposed to be

Grandpa and Beckett
There was a cute mermaid show and all the kids were screaming "A real, live mermaid!!!" and were in heaven watching them.
There was a moving sidewalk to watch all the fish and after about 10 minutes, the kids just sat down.

Leaving the aquarium - it ended up being way cooler than I expected
The next day we drove through the park and had to stop and take pictures with the sign
We walked to the creek
We had to retake the picture since the first guy that took our picture cut out the left side of the sign
We drove up to Newfound Gap - it's so gorgeous

It was 75 degrees up there, way better than the 95 degrees 4000 feet lower

The boys were over pictures
Later that day we did pictures with a photographer.  It was about 95 degrees and 90% humidity.  My hair kept getting frizzier and frizzier
After pictures we let the kids throw rocks and wade in the water

Afterwards, we stopped for some ice cream

Grandpa and his little buddy Beckett
The next day we went to Ober-Gatlinburg - a fun little amusement park with a fun tram up the mountain.   Hudson and I did the Alpine sled together.  We had to take the ski lift further up the mountain

Here's a pic from the lift- we had a blast on the ride
Beckett and Brian rode the slide together and had fun

Shot from inside the tram 
The next day we started our day at The Pancake Pantry - a delicious breakfast place we've always gone to

The Village in Gatlinburg - fun little shops
Walking around
The next day Brian took Hudson to the go kart track
They had a lot of fun rides for kids - Hudson and Jasmine loved this ride, but their favorite was the roller coaster.  They became such great little buddies on this trip, they were so cute together

Such a fun vacation with lots and lots of things to do.