Thursday, February 13, 2014

Will It Be a He or a She?

It's Another BOY!! 

(No, we didn't have a gender reveal party, I borrowed that picture)

We're so thankful for this little guy.  Well, I don't know if I should call him little or not, he is measuring 12 days ahead -a BIG boy.  I was really shocked to hear he is so big, when I'm still down a few pounds in weight.  I guess he's getting all my nutrients.  Hudson always measured small (except for his giant head).   He looks good and healthy - I was a little concerned because I haven't felt him move, yet and I felt Hudson move at 15 weeks, and I took a really nasty fall last week on my bottom.  I'm still sore!!  We're both glad that Hudson will have a little brother- hopefully they'll end up best friends.  

I'll be 18 weeks on Saturday.  I'm not completely over my nausea, but it's much better.  I'm also still pretty tired, it'll be nice to not need a nap 2-3 times a day.  I know the more pregnancies a woman has, the faster she'll get big.  But...oh, wow!  I feel huge!   ---I had a dream last week that I had my c-section, it was a boy, came home 2 days later, wasn't in any pain, Brian went back to work immediately, the baby was a dream and slept through the night, Hudson was a dear, and I had a ton of energy. -I'm very hopeful this turns out to be true.  

Now...we need a name.  Any good suggestions?