Monday, April 25, 2011

Big News

Brian and I have been keeping a secret for a little while and I think it's time we let the cat out of the bag.  Our big news is that I'm pregnant!  I'm a little over 10 weeks.  My due date is November 18th.  We feel extremely blessed!  I took several tests 3 days apart because I was scared it was a false positive.  -Good old dollar store pregnancy tests. 

Some of the hurdles we had to go through were: 15 months of infertility, 3 months of Clomid, surgery in November, and a HSG in February.   I was diagnosed with endometriosis, cervical stenosis and fribroids.  We were going to try 2 more months of Clomid and then if that didn't work, we were going to start IVF in May. 

Brian started saying in January that he really felt we were going to get pregnant this year and I was feeling a lot of peace and joy in my soul.  We both felt that God was going to do something big in our lives.  I had been praying for God to bless us with a baby without any medical intervention so we would have no doubt where the baby came from and He alone would get all the glory, and amazingly we ended up getting pregnant without any medical intervention.

I can't even begin to say, "Thank You" enough for everyone that has prayed for us.  I'm thankful that our God hears our prayers and still does miracles. 

Thankfully the sonographers at my office spoil me and give me an ultrasound about every other day.  It's been amazing watching the pregnancy grow from a yolk sac to a baby with a heartbeat and arms and legs.  This is the backside of him, so you can't see his legs in this picture.  His head is on the left.  (I've been calling the baby a boy--I don't know, just a hunch)

Ephesians 3:20  "God is able to do immeasurably more than all we can ask or imagine." 

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Spring peaked in the bluegrass last weekend.  It's so gorgeous!  Makes me so thankful to be living here.  

Our weeping cherry tree


I know this seems odd- but the next picture is from The Lexington Cemetery


Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday Favorites

I haven't blogged much recently because I haven't done much.

My (Ashley) answers are listed first.  Brian's are second, notice the 1-2 word answers.

Favorite Time of the Day:  When I get home from work.  On my days off, my favorite time is when Brian gets home.
B - Morning.

 Favorite Season:  Summer!  I love the heat, Memorial Day, 4th of July, cook-outs, swimming.  But I do like the other seasons as well, but wish they were shorter.
  I made this cake for the 4th last year - It was the only thing that really stood out as summer
B - Fall.

 Favorite Month:  May - The weather is warmer, I love planting flowers, and my birthday is that month.
I planted these flowers in our mailbox last May
B - September.

Favorite Holiday:  Christmas and 4th of July
B - Thanksgiving.

Favorite Movie:   Drawing a blank -but a few that come to mind are -Return to Me, While You Were Sleeping, and The Thomas Crown Affair
B - Braveheart

Favorite Place to Shop:  Target, Meijer, Ann Taylor Loft

Favorite Kind of Music:  Christian - Some of my favorites are:  Chris Tomlin, Third Day, Hillsong
B - Christian and Rock.

Favorite Thing To Do:  Spend time with Brian
B - Build stuff.                   (Thanks, babe.)

Favorite Place in the World:  HOME - There's no place like it.
B - Home.

Favorite Hobby:  Blogging and reading other blogs
B - Building stuff.

Favorite Place to Live:  Right now I'm really enjoying Kentucky, but I hope to move to North Carolina in a few years
B - Kentucky.

Favorite Place to Vacation:  The Beach and the Mountains, I love traveling anywhere - St. Lucia, Bahamas, Mexico,...  -Montana, Colorado, Wyoming  --I really loved Italy and Austria, but I don't have a huge desire to make that long flight again anytime soon.

B - The mountains.

Favorite Restaurant:  Oh, there are so...many.  The Melting Pot, Mongolian Grill, Portofino's, Bella Notte, Mi Piquena Hacienda
B - Malone's.

Favorite Drink:  Water, then pink or raspberry lemonade
B - Coke.

Favorite Chore:  Cleaning the kitchen - I love having a clean kitchen
B - Mowing.

Favorite Make-up:  Bare Minerals
(I didn't ask Brian)

Favorite Hair Products:  Aveda
B - Pomade

Favorite Lotion:  Curel
B - Whatever you use that doesn't smell.

Favorite Perfume/Cologne:  Unfortunately, I don't wear any.  I have a few - Calvin Klein, Glo by J Lo and I like them both, but every time I wear them, I sneeze a lot
B -  I sometimes wear that cologne in the black bottle that you bought me.  (I think I bought him some type of Ralph Lauren cologne a few years ago)

Favorite Blogger:  I like a lot!  My blog list includes my favorites.
B - I don't look at any unless you show them to me, but I do like the Witbeck's blog.

Favorite Thing to Blog About:  I'm kind of random - but I really like doing Before and Afters, blogging about friends, and vacations.
B - I've only blogged a couple of times, not really my thing.

Favorite Thing to Wear:  summer dresses

B - jeans and a t-shirt.

Favorite Memory:  Our wedding day - the best day of my life!!
B - Wedding day.