Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Happy 10 Months!


Happy 10 months!
You're still a happy, smiley, lovable baby.  A couple days after you turned 9 months, you officially started crawling everywhere, you are even pulling yourself up and just beginning to cruise around things.  You love clapping and waving.

Hudson took this picture and I thought he did pretty good.
You have been giving sweet kisses lately, melts our hearts.
You still absolutely adore your brother and he does, too.
You love being sung to -any song, but especially love The Itsy Bitsy Spider and If You're Happy and You Know It.  We even discovered if you're fussy at all in the car (pretty rare), we can start singing to you and you are instantly happy.  
You have discovered the kitchen cabinet doors and drawers and are enjoying pulling things out and playing with them.

You got a 2nd tooth this past month.  
You still love food and several new items have been added.  We're figuring out that you really love feeding yourself and prefer to have food in front of you to pick up and eat, rather than us feed you purified food.  You are still taking 4 bottles/day.  We've learned you have less separation/stranger anxiety if we bring your bottle to church and have them feed you immediately, rather than wait a little while.  You love your sippy cup.

You are sleeping about 11 hours at night.  Naps are still all over the place, sometimes 15 minutes and sometimes 1.5 hrs-usually somewhere in between.  You were only napping two times a day, but if we go anywhere in the late afternoon or early evenings, you always fall asleep for at least a few minutes.  I only rock you for about a minute before I lay you down, because sometimes I think it gets you worked up more, so I usually just set you down and you work it out and fall asleep pretty easily.
You continue to love bath time and splashing.  We also just discovered you love the water table and splashing.

I did a really bad job at pictures this past month-sorry.  
I think you're right at 19 #

We love you, Sweet Beckett!  We pray you'll come to know Jesus at an early age and love and follow Him all the days of your life.  Happy 10 months!

Monday, May 11, 2015

The Big 3-4

 I turned 34 on the 3rd of May.  It really was the best day!
We had our friends watch Hudson and took Beckett with us out to eat.  We ate on the patio of The Merrick Inn.  It's so pretty and has such a nice atmosphere.  It was a beautiful evening.  I bathed Becket and put him in his pajamas before we left so we could put him to bed quickly when we got home.  Beckett was great!  We had a couple comment about what a good, friendly baby he is.

Me and my boys
My parent's had beautiful flowers delivered to me
Such a special day!  I'm blessed beyond measure.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day

Today was a fun day.  My boys spoiled me with a donut breakfast, cards, and hugs and kisses, then we quickly got ready for church.  I wanted a picture with my boys together, but that just didn't work out very well.  

Hudson wanted to sit in this chair - he looks a little shocked/out of it
My little sweetie.
Trying to get a quick picture with Beckett before running out the door to church
After church, we tried again - my happy little guy
Hudson answered these questions at school last week.  I love it!
Brian had this sweet card made
I saw this last week from Lysa Terkeurst - such an encouragement.
I'm so thankful to be their Mom - what sweet little gifts the Lord has entrusted to me.

Saturday, May 9, 2015


We signed Hudson up for Spring Soccer and it's been the cutest, most fun adventure.  Hudson was really excited to play, but kept calling it baseball.
I love seeing him stretching with his team.
The Y messed up his team's shirt order, so they didn't have a jersey for practice.  They played a cute red light/green light game.
For 3 year olds, I think they listened really well.

Setting him up to score
Finally after 3 of the 6 weeks they got their jerseys
Team picture - the best picture out of 5
The kid's favorite part of practice -team cheer at the end
Such a fun little adventure

Monday, May 4, 2015

Just Captain America and Me

Last Monday morning I hurt my back and had to call Brian to come home and help.  He was at home Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday to give me time to recover.  Sadly, I still couldn't pick up Beckett on Thursday or Friday, so Brian had to take him to daycare, so that left Hudson and me at home.  We had the best time!  We played a lot, ran a few errands, got lunch, enjoyed the beautiful weather, and hung out.  It had been 9 months since it was just Hudson and me.  I loved every second of having him to myself, but also missed Beckett terribly.
Enjoying a fun picnic with Captain America