Thursday, September 29, 2016

Happy 5 months!

~Emersyn Kate~

Happy 5 months!  You are such a great baby and we are madly in love with you!  You light up whenever you see any of us- you have especially started noticing your brothers and smiling when you see them.
You weigh about 15 pounds.   You are still long and skinny.  You wear mainly 3-6 mos clothes, 6 month jammies.  You were about a size 1 shoe; however, you have such NARROW fee that shoes won't stay on you (so funny, because both of your brothers have EXTRA WIDE feet and I have a difficult time finding EXW).  You were a size 2 diaper.

I love, love, love this dress!
You were not the best sleeper this past month - the 4 month sleep regression hit hard and it took a long time to get you back on track - I think you may finally be sleeping through the night again.  If you go through another wakeful spell, I'm ready to try cereal to see if that helps.  Naps are hit or miss - sometimes you give me 1.5 hr nap, sometimes it's 15 minutes.  You take 2-3 naps/day.  Just when I think we're getting into a bit of a routine, you either wake up at 5 am or take a 15 minute nap, so no real consistency yet.   You definitely like sleeping in your swaddle, you don't like falling asleep in our arms, if you do, you definitely will only sleep 5-10 minutes.  
You still like your bouncer and play mat and we just started putting you in the bumbo and jumper.  You continue to love bath time.  You love being carried in the moby.  You love people watching - you are very alert and aware, people always comment on that.  You love being talked to and given attention.  
You're not the biggest fan of long car rides.  I've learned to sit in the very back to entertain you - you do pretty good as long as I'm constantly looking at you and talking to you.   You've flipped from your back to your stomach a handful of times.  
You have to have something in your mouth to chew on constantly, usually your fingers or toy or your paci, although you don't really suck on it, more chew.  You still make the cutest squeek sounds and have actually started screaming - just testing out your voice, I definitely don't remember the boys ever doing that.  
I saw a pinterest post and decided to copy it.  I really do kiss you all the time.  

You really are just so kissable.  
You're still only getting breast milk.  You are eating about 6-8 times/day.  

Love this picture!!!  I love this little smocked dress!  It's a newborn size and finally fits.
Love your eyes in this picture!
Happy 5 months Sweet Girl!  We love you so much and are so thankful for you!  God has big plans for your life.  We love you!  

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Hudson's 1st Day

Well, today was Hudson's 1st day of school and he had a blast!  He was super excited and so...ready to go.  I walked him to class and he walked in and saw his name and immediately sat at his seat and started coloring.   In the van on the way to school, I prayed that he'd be a good boy, a good listener, a good helper, and a light for Jesus.
Oh, how I heart my boy!
Hudson wanted to hold Katie and get a picture with her.
Beckett wouldn't turn around and look at the camera
There is a window that parents could look in at the kids.   Hudson was so happy and in his element.  
My friend Robin snapped this pic of Hudson walking into the chapel for opening ceremony.  I was sitting on the other side of the room so I couldn't see him very well.  The opening chapel was so cool - they really talked about the kids coming to know and love Jesus.  
Hudson was so excited to tell me about his day and was so happy!   He told me they learned about Jack Appleseed (Is he called Jack nowadays?  ;)  )It was a great start to school and we're so excited to see what the school year holds.