Sunday, January 29, 2017

Happy 9 months

~Emersyn Kate~
Happy 9 months!

Well, this month had more sickness.  You had RSV and an ear infection.  Beckett also had RSV and an ear infection and Hudson had RSV and an eye infection.  It was probably the longest 2 weeks of my life.  It was pretty rough.  You all spiked high fevers and had had awful runny noses and were super puny.  
You've been healthy for about a week.   We're praying you 3 stay healthy for a long time.

You're a pretty fun baby.  You are sweet and loving and so cute.  You are pretty much a Mommy's Girl, but have been lighting up when your Daddy gets home from work.  You still smile a lot and not a big giggler.  You still think Beckett is pretty funny.

Still no teeth.  You prefer table food over baby food.  You love tearing up paper and putting it in your mouth.   We have to check the floor closely or else you will find something and put it in your mouth.  You love your paci and being swaddled still.  You like being talked to or sung to, you especially like listening to Grandpa sing to you.  You like peek a boo.
You wouldn't leave the bear alone for pictures.
You weigh 17 lbs 11 oz = 40% and 28"=80% and your head is 90%.  Size 3 diapers.  Size 6-9 month clothes and size 9 month onesies and jammies.  Size 1-2 shoes.   We just started adding formula this month, you took about half breast milk and half formula.  You don't like socks on your feet and have discovered your bows and tend to pull them off.  You are starting to rock and push backwards.  We're not quite ready for you to crawl, yet, but I'm guessing it will be within a couple of weeks.  
You didn't want to hold still for pictures again this month and I didn't have the will to fight you to get a great picture, so this is what we got.   
You're still not a very good napper or night sleeper.  We're EXHAUSTED!!  You still sleep in your sleep sack.  Eyes are still a petty blue and hair is red and getting a little thicker.
Sorry for the lack of pictures.   Hopefully I'll do better next month.

We love you sweet, precious girl!  We pray big prayers for you!
Mommy & Daddy