Thursday, August 20, 2015


Our church has a pond and lets people fish from it.  We decided to take Hudson fishing one evening.  Before Brian even got the bait on the hook, Hudson fell in.  He was practicing casting and slipped and fell in the muddy water.  
We had a hard time pulling him out we were laughing so hard.  
He was a muddy mess!
I can't remember what this picture was about
Finally, after about 30 minutes, Hudson caught a fish!  He was really proud of that little fish and REALLY wanted to take him home and eat him, but we talked him into setting it free again.  
Summer fun!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Quick Indiana trip

A couple of weeks ago, we made a quick trip up to Indiana to celebrate our 2 niece's and nephew's birthdays.  They had the party at the local park.  We had a lot of fun celebrating all of them.
My boys, my Dad, and my Grandpa
All of the grand kids on my side
My mom and all the grand kids

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

First Day of Preschool

Yesterday was Hudson' first day for preschool at our church.  He was super excited and ready for drop off.  He walked right in, sat in his seat and said, "Bye, Mom."  Que the tears - from me, not him.  When I picked him up, he said he had a great day.  He answered a rule question correctly and got to pick a toy out of the treasure chest.  He chose sunglasses.  

He is such a little sweetie with a tender heart, and has so much love and compassion.  On the way to school we prayed that he'd have a great day and learn lots and he added, "God, some kids may need to go to time out.  Amen."
3 years 9 months -I'm bummed this one is a little blurry  
So full of personality!
My attempt to get a picture of my boys
One last attempt - I couldn't quite get the picture I was going for, but that's okay.

Past couple of year:
2 years 9 months
21 months

Monday, August 10, 2015

Visiting Friends

A few weeks ago, our good friends came back from Michigan for a quick visit.  We've missed them these past 18 months, but they seem to be really happy there.  We had a great time hanging out. 
Chillin' in Patrick and Virginia's backyard 
Patrick found some big sheets of cardboard and all the guys ran the kids around the yard on them.
Redneck fun
I love all the kid's faces in this picture, especially Beckett's.  They had a blast!

We miss our friends again.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Quick Update

Well, we moved last Wednesday, so things have been crazy busy here!  Our internet is finally back up, but still no tv.  I haven't missed anything since we've been busy unpacking and working on the new house.  
We were incredibly blessed that our house sold immediately after it was on the market, and we and had multiple offers, so it couldn't have been any easier.  We LOVED the location, but really wanted something bigger.  We had the best neighbors and really enjoyed our two years there.  

These pictures were taken a couple of days before we moved.  I let the boys play with shaving cream and the hose.  
"Boys.  Nouns with dirt on them." 
Beckett enjoyed tasting the cream.  I can't get him to eat too many veggies, but he'll gladly eat shaving cream.
Hudson wanted every inch of his body covered.  I love this picture of him, it really shows off just how happy he is.  
We're going to miss that backyard.  

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Bluegrass Fair 2015

Yesterday we went to the Bluegrass Fair.  It was a lot of fun.  It was kid's day, so we went with a group and got in for $7 total and spent $3 on 3 corn dogs.  We had a blast for only spending $10.  It was the only day in the past 30 days that didn't rain and was in the upper 70's, so it really couldn't have been any better.  
Such a sweet time with friends
Hudson, Mollie, Isaac, and I rode the Ferris Wheel together
Hudson and me riding a spinning ride- nearly did me in, I felt kind of nauseous, got a bad headache, and was sick the rest of the day
Hudson was such a big boy and rode a lot of rides by himself
Jen took him on a roller coaster and he had a blast!  Poor Mollie looks a little scared
The four littles waiting their turn
The Skateboard Ride- also spun and made me a little sick --When did I get old?!
Such a fun time.  We could have stayed a lot longer, but Beckett was done after nearly 3 hours, he hung in there pretty well.  He passed out the minute we got in the van.
This fair is so different than the Cass County Fair in Indiana that I grew up going to.  There weren't any livestock or  Merchant buildings or Pioneer Days.  It was simple, but fun.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

1st Birthday!


Happy 1st Birthday!  We just can't believe you're 1.  How did that happen so fast?!  You really have been the sweetest, most smiley, happiest baby we have ever been around.  
Here you are telling us you're "So Big!"
Hudson took this picture and I thought he did really well
We celebrated your birthday a day early and had a great party
I taped pictures to the dining room walls of the past year

You have very generous family and friends
All of the kids gathered around to help you open your presents
Your cute little smash cake
Some more decorations
Singing Happy Birthday - you went right for the candle
Not quite sure why everyone is staring at you - once you tried your cake, you decided it was really good and went for it - love your baby blues in this picture
You had a few kid taste testers
Loving your cake
Some of the kids eating cake
Julie, Zoe, and Beckett
Uncle Clint
Family pic

On your actual birthday was baby dedication day at church.  This is a chance for parents to commit to building a Christ-centered home that will spiritually nurture your child to love God and love others.   
Thankfully they do it pretty fast - most babies were losing interest fast

After the ceremony

You are such a loving baby, you love to give and get kisses, you love blowing kisses.  You love waving and giving high five.  I thought you were going to be a Momma's Boy, but I think you're going to be a Daddy's Boy, too.  You light up when he gets home and just start yelling.  You love feeding yourself.  You are still walking around furniture, but not actually walking, yet.  You're still a good night sleeper, but not exactly the best napper, still 2 naps/day.
You weigh 20# 4 oz = 16%
You are 30.25" = 64%
You head is in the 25%.
You are our sweet precious gift from God.   We love you so much and pray big prayers for you.
Love, Daddy, Mommy and Hudson