Thursday, December 29, 2016

Happy 8 months!

~Emersyn Kate~
Happy 8 months!
I love this picture of you!   You look so sweet and innocent.

Another month has just flown by.  You were sick again at the beginning of this month and, thankfully, have been healthy for the past couple of weeks.  
I really feel like you developed a lot this past month - you started clapping, and rolling your arms for patty cake, blowing raspberries, trying to play peek-a-boo, and you are sitting great.

You're still not a great sleeper.  Occasionally, you'll sleep all night, then other times, you're up hourly.   The worst nights tend to be when you're constipated and your tummy hurts.  You get a belly ache very easily and often -I'm not sure how else to help, we've tried lots of things.   You mainly take 2 naps, sometimes you need a 3rd one.  Still no teeth.  I'm guessing you're still about 15-16 pounds.
You were a size 3 diaper (still have a few size 2 left that I put you in to use them up, but you really need a 3).  You were all different sizes from 3-6 month to 12 month.  You wear about a size 1-2 shoe.
You are still a really happy, laid back baby.  You're the hardest of the 3 to get a big giggle out of, but seem the most content of the 3.  Your neck is your big ticklish spot.  You play with toys more than either of your brothers ever did.

Everyone stops us and comments on your red hair and blue eyes - I've learned that's the rarest combination in the world.  I've also figured out that people automatically stop us because you're a girl and they want to check you out and then are doubly fascinated when they see you have red hair.  They always ask if you have a fiery personality, and thankfully, so far, you don't.   You look more like Beckett then Hudson.
I put this picture in here so you can see how blue your eyes are - bright blue.  Mine are a blue/green color.
You didn't really want to sit still for pictures.

You are still pretty much a Momma's girl.  You definitely notice when we walk out of your line of sight and let out a cry, and so the separation anxiety has started.  Ugh.  That phase lasted a long time with both of your brothers.  You occasionally have a little stranger anxiety, but not too bad.
You're eating a lot of different kinds of food.  You especially love puffs and yogurt bites, like Hudson.   I think prunes are your favorite foods.
We had a great Christmas with you and the boys.  You have done much better with travelling.  We spent 4 days in Indiana and had a blast.  You did great in the car!!!
My sweet little elf.
I love your little Christmas outfits!  Aunt Brittney gave you this outfit.
Nana gave you this outfit.
And Gigi gave you this outfit.
I bought you this dress on clearance for a few dollars before you were born.  I thought it would make a really pretty Christmas dress.
Nana will be happy you are in tights and shoes.  
We love you so much our sweet, precious girl!   We pray daily for you!  Philippians 4:8 is still the verse I mainly pray over you.

Mommy & Daddy

A couple outtakes:
Shoes are delicious
Emmie Kate is So...big!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Happy 7 months!

~Emersyn Kate~

Happy 7 months!  Goodness Gracious this time is moving!  I honestly missed the date.  We've had so much sickness that I had no clue what the date was and it was December 1, so I missed your 7 month birthday.  It's been a crazy month of sickness.  Your Daddy had the flu for a week then a sinus infection.  Beckett had ear infections and then finally got tubes.  Hudson had a sinus infection, asthma issues, bronchitis and pink eye.  I had a sinus infection and mild pink eye.  You had a bad cold and pink eye.  

Even though you were sick, you were still our happy laid back baby.  The only real issue we had was sleep.  It was a terrible month for sleep!  You couldn't breathe so woke up a lot!!  Wed had you sleeping in your rock and play for a long time.   Anywhere from 30 minutes after bedtime to every 30 min-1 hr at night.  Last night was the first time in who knows when that you only woke up once and just needed readjusted and your paci and went back to sleep.   You still sleep in your sleep sack.
You usually go to bed about 7:30 and wake up about 6 or 6:30.   You take 2-3 naps/day (usually 2).  They last about 30 minutes, sometimes you take a big 1.5-2 hr nap, but that's pretty rare and I never know when it's going to happen.

I'm guessing you weigh about 16 pounds and are long and skinny, but we are noticing some rolls since you've been eating food.  You wear different sizes - some 3-6 month (mainly tops and pants), some 6 month (mainly tops), some 6-9 month (mainly outfits), and some 9 month clothes (mainly pajamas).
 I love this Thanksgiving outfit!  Thanks, Nana!   I couldn't keep the shoe on.

Your eyes are still a really pretty blue and red hair - still in a mohawk shape.
You  are eating baby cereal, bananas, prunes, peas, and pears.  You have tried avocado and do not like it.  You also don't care for peas, unless I mix them with prunes or pears.  We started giving you puffs this past month and at first you weren't too crazy about them, now you get excited and are really starting to enjoy them.   You are still only getting breast milk.  You haven't tolerated food the best, it sometimes hurts your belly and makes you constipated.  Still no teeth.  You "talk" and jabber a lot.  You say "dada" a lot and I've heard you say "Momma" a few times this past month.  
You just started sitting independently, you still occasionally fall over, but  you're doing great for the most part.  You still like your jumper, you haven't really sat in your bouncer for a few weeks.  You still like your play mat.  You like cords and strings and musical toys.   You have definitely gotten very grabby- from earrings to hair to whatever we have on our hands - you want.  You still love people watching.  You have started to show some stranger anxiety and need a few minutes to warm up to people before being passed to them.  You're mostly a Momma's Girl, but definitely love your Daddy.  You smile when you see your brothers, but tend to laugh the most at Beckett.  
I love this gummy smile you've been doing lately

You're still not the best car rider (thankful for Hudson, he does his best to entertain or feed you).
Hudson and I call you Katie or Katie Bug, Beckett calls you Emmie Katie Bug and Daddy calls you Emmie or Emmie Kate.
I didn't have time, yet to take pictures with this outfit, but I absolutely love it!

Love this warm outfit!

You're our very favorite surprise!   We love you so much!  Happy 7 months Sweet Precious Baby Girl!  So thankful for you!
Mommy & Daddy

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Happy 6 mos!

~Emersyn Kate~

Happy 6 months!  This has been the best 6 months ever!  You're such a lovely, easy going baby.  Sadly, you've been sick for almost 3 weeks, you keep catching cold after cold.   But, even with cold after cold, you're still pretty happy and laid back.  
You were sick for our family pictures and missed your nap, so you were pretty serious for pictures (at least you weren't crying).  I love this dress and headband.  ( I actually love all your dresses and headbands for this month)
You weigh 15 lbs 12 oz =47% and are 26.5" = 75%.  Your head is in the 86%.  
 Your eyes look really pretty with this dress.  
You sleep about 11 hrs at night and usually take 3 20-30 min naps, sometimes you only nap twice a day.  Sometimes, I get lucky and you take a big nap, but that's pretty unusual and I never know when that's going to happen.  You're still go with the flow.  You'll occasionally nap in the car, but don't prefer that and sometimes you're not a very good car rider.  
You put EVERYTHING in your mouth and like to chomp and/or chew on things.  You like your paci, but don't really suck on it too much.  You definitely like it in your mouth at night.   We started you on cereal a few weeks ago and you really like it, then we started banana a couple of weeks ago and you really like that.   You eat cereal in the morning and night, and banana at lunch and dinner.  You are still getting breast milk and eating 5-6 x/day.   No teeth, yet. 
You can definitely roll all over the place and pivot around to get something.  You can sit pretty well with some help.    
Your hair is definitely red and growing in a mohawk shape.  Your eyes are still a really pretty blue.   You look a lot like Beckett's baby pictures. 
You love your brothers and have really started laughing at them.  You love bath time and being carried around, but you also like your space a little bit and you also like position changes.  You love having your neck tickled and laugh really hard.  You are usually very content to sit on our laps and be happy.  At this point in time, you are a Mommy's Girl, but I'm guessing that will change at some point.  You still love your bouncers and play mat.  You are starting to really like books.   You love walks and being outside.  You still love to people watch and enjoy shopping or going to church.
Hudson and I tend to call you Katie or Katie Bug (as in Love Bug), Daddy calls you Emmie and Beckett calls you Emmie Katie Bug.  
You really are at a great age - so fun and sweet!  You have been grabbing our faces and giving big wet kisses.   You say "Dada" all the time, but I'm pretty sure I heard you say, "Hi, Mom." one time ;)  .  
Our lives are so much better with you in it.  You are the best gift that we didn't even know we wanted.  We love you so much and pray daily for you!
Happy 6 months Sweet Precious Girl!  

Mommy & Daddy

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Happy 5 months!

~Emersyn Kate~

Happy 5 months!  You are such a great baby and we are madly in love with you!  You light up whenever you see any of us- you have especially started noticing your brothers and smiling when you see them.
You weigh about 15 pounds.   You are still long and skinny.  You wear mainly 3-6 mos clothes, 6 month jammies.  You were about a size 1 shoe; however, you have such NARROW fee that shoes won't stay on you (so funny, because both of your brothers have EXTRA WIDE feet and I have a difficult time finding EXW).  You were a size 2 diaper.

I love, love, love this dress!
You were not the best sleeper this past month - the 4 month sleep regression hit hard and it took a long time to get you back on track - I think you may finally be sleeping through the night again.  If you go through another wakeful spell, I'm ready to try cereal to see if that helps.  Naps are hit or miss - sometimes you give me 1.5 hr nap, sometimes it's 15 minutes.  You take 2-3 naps/day.  Just when I think we're getting into a bit of a routine, you either wake up at 5 am or take a 15 minute nap, so no real consistency yet.   You definitely like sleeping in your swaddle, you don't like falling asleep in our arms, if you do, you definitely will only sleep 5-10 minutes.  
You still like your bouncer and play mat and we just started putting you in the bumbo and jumper.  You continue to love bath time.  You love being carried in the moby.  You love people watching - you are very alert and aware, people always comment on that.  You love being talked to and given attention.  
You're not the biggest fan of long car rides.  I've learned to sit in the very back to entertain you - you do pretty good as long as I'm constantly looking at you and talking to you.   You've flipped from your back to your stomach a handful of times.  
You have to have something in your mouth to chew on constantly, usually your fingers or toy or your paci, although you don't really suck on it, more chew.  You still make the cutest squeek sounds and have actually started screaming - just testing out your voice, I definitely don't remember the boys ever doing that.  
I saw a pinterest post and decided to copy it.  I really do kiss you all the time.  

You really are just so kissable.  
You're still only getting breast milk.  You are eating about 6-8 times/day.  

Love this picture!!!  I love this little smocked dress!  It's a newborn size and finally fits.
Love your eyes in this picture!
Happy 5 months Sweet Girl!  We love you so much and are so thankful for you!  God has big plans for your life.  We love you!  

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Hudson's 1st Day

Well, today was Hudson's 1st day of school and he had a blast!  He was super excited and so...ready to go.  I walked him to class and he walked in and saw his name and immediately sat at his seat and started coloring.   In the van on the way to school, I prayed that he'd be a good boy, a good listener, a good helper, and a light for Jesus.
Oh, how I heart my boy!
Hudson wanted to hold Katie and get a picture with her.
Beckett wouldn't turn around and look at the camera
There is a window that parents could look in at the kids.   Hudson was so happy and in his element.  
My friend Robin snapped this pic of Hudson walking into the chapel for opening ceremony.  I was sitting on the other side of the room so I couldn't see him very well.  The opening chapel was so cool - they really talked about the kids coming to know and love Jesus.  
Hudson was so excited to tell me about his day and was so happy!   He told me they learned about Jack Appleseed (Is he called Jack nowadays?  ;)  )It was a great start to school and we're so excited to see what the school year holds.  

Monday, August 29, 2016

Happy 4 months

~Emersyn Kate~
This is probably one of my 5 favorite pics that I've taken of my kids.  I just love how sweet and cute you look.  

Happy 4 months!   I know I say it every month, but time is FLYING by!  You are still such a lovely, sweet, laid back baby.  You are squeeking and squawking a lot lately and smile really easily.  You love your bouncer and play mat.  You also love to lay against my chest or be turned around and watch people.  I think you hit your 4 month growth spurt because you have been eating a lot these past couple of days and not sleeping as well.  You have to have something in your mouth all the time - your paci, your hands, a toy, name it and you try and put it in your mouth.   You still wear size 1 diaper and a few 0-3 month clothes, but mostly 3-6 month.  You weigh: 13 lbs 4 oz = 40% Your length:  25.5" = 81%   Your head:  70%.  You are long and skinny.   Hudson was 13 lbs 15 oz and 24" and Beckett was 15 lbs 2 oz and 25.5".  Sadly, you had a double ear infection at your appt today, so you got your 1st antibiotic.  Thankfully, you're pretty tough, we really didn't know you were sick - you have a slight runny nose, but that's it.
Your eyes are still a really pretty navy blue and icy blue in the middle.  Still strawberry blonde/red hair.  Naps are not so great.  You've been doing 3 20-30 min naps, every now and then you'll give me a big 2-3 hr nap.  You definitely like being swaddled.  You are pretty set on going to be at 7:30, if it's much later than that, you tend to start losing it - the only real time you really cry.

You just started flipping from your back to your stomach.  One morning you did it and have continued to do it ever since.
My nurse manager from Indiana was an amazing manager, nurse, and such a sweet person.  We've kept in touch some through facebook.  She has gotten all 3 of you kids these super soft, cute blankets.   So kind and sweet of her!!  My friend, Sheri, got you this super cute headband.  I've definitely adopted the southern mantra "The bigger the bow, the better the Mama"
This was the best picture I could get with the teddy bear - half a smile so I moved on
My friend, Ashley, gave me this sweet dress - all 3 of her daughters wore it.
It's funny - you are all smiles and pure sweetness all the time, but the second I pull the camera out, you turn kind of serious
I love this outfit and the color on you
Your brothers still adore you and want to hold you a lot.  I was trying to move fast with pictures and I didn't have the lighting quite right.  I might need to try and re-take them.  
This dress and headband remind me of the movie Frozen

There's something sweet about this picture that I really like.  Thankfully you're so easy going that you don't mind me treating you like a baby doll and constantly changing your clothes.  And I just can't kiss you enough, you're just so cuddly and kissable  

You are our sweet precious gift from God!  We love you so much!  I love documenting things about you, it definitely makes me stop and take even more time to be thankful for all my kids.  Your middle name, Kate, means Pure and that's one of the bible verses I've prayed over you since I was pregnant, long before we knew what your name was going to be -  Philippians 4:8  "Whatever is true, noble, pure, trustworthy, lovely, admirable, excellent or praiseworthy,  think of these things"
We love you, our sweet, precious girl!
Love, Mommy & Daddy

The boys tend to be with us when we're taking pictures and we're usually dodging some kind of ball -I caught this ball midair flying at you.
The boys are supposed to stay off the blanket, but Beckett snuck right in
Of course, Hudson wanted in on a picture, too
You did not like being in the itcy grass