Thursday, December 29, 2016

Happy 8 months!

~Emersyn Kate~
Happy 8 months!
I love this picture of you!   You look so sweet and innocent.

Another month has just flown by.  You were sick again at the beginning of this month and, thankfully, have been healthy for the past couple of weeks.  
I really feel like you developed a lot this past month - you started clapping, and rolling your arms for patty cake, blowing raspberries, trying to play peek-a-boo, and you are sitting great.

You're still not a great sleeper.  Occasionally, you'll sleep all night, then other times, you're up hourly.   The worst nights tend to be when you're constipated and your tummy hurts.  You get a belly ache very easily and often -I'm not sure how else to help, we've tried lots of things.   You mainly take 2 naps, sometimes you need a 3rd one.  Still no teeth.  I'm guessing you're still about 15-16 pounds.
You were a size 3 diaper (still have a few size 2 left that I put you in to use them up, but you really need a 3).  You were all different sizes from 3-6 month to 12 month.  You wear about a size 1-2 shoe.
You are still a really happy, laid back baby.  You're the hardest of the 3 to get a big giggle out of, but seem the most content of the 3.  Your neck is your big ticklish spot.  You play with toys more than either of your brothers ever did.

Everyone stops us and comments on your red hair and blue eyes - I've learned that's the rarest combination in the world.  I've also figured out that people automatically stop us because you're a girl and they want to check you out and then are doubly fascinated when they see you have red hair.  They always ask if you have a fiery personality, and thankfully, so far, you don't.   You look more like Beckett then Hudson.
I put this picture in here so you can see how blue your eyes are - bright blue.  Mine are a blue/green color.
You didn't really want to sit still for pictures.

You are still pretty much a Momma's girl.  You definitely notice when we walk out of your line of sight and let out a cry, and so the separation anxiety has started.  Ugh.  That phase lasted a long time with both of your brothers.  You occasionally have a little stranger anxiety, but not too bad.
You're eating a lot of different kinds of food.  You especially love puffs and yogurt bites, like Hudson.   I think prunes are your favorite foods.
We had a great Christmas with you and the boys.  You have done much better with travelling.  We spent 4 days in Indiana and had a blast.  You did great in the car!!!
My sweet little elf.
I love your little Christmas outfits!  Aunt Brittney gave you this outfit.
Nana gave you this outfit.
And Gigi gave you this outfit.
I bought you this dress on clearance for a few dollars before you were born.  I thought it would make a really pretty Christmas dress.
Nana will be happy you are in tights and shoes.  
We love you so much our sweet, precious girl!   We pray daily for you!  Philippians 4:8 is still the verse I mainly pray over you.

Mommy & Daddy

A couple outtakes:
Shoes are delicious
Emmie Kate is So...big!

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