Monday, February 27, 2012

To Nana:

Happy Birthday Nana!  

Hudson, Brian and I wanted to wish you a Very Happy Birthday!  We love you and miss you!  Can't wait to see you again!
Hudson loves both his Grandma's
I really like this picture of you and dad
Love this picture of us
So glad to have a picture of all of us
Thanks for everything, Mom!  You're the best!  I'm so blessed to have you as my mom.  You're so wonderful! Love you!  Happy Birthday!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sunday, February 19, 2012

More pictures

Here are a few more pictures that my cousin's wife took.  They're so precious to me.  
We do feel Blessed Beyond Measure.  
 Love his little expression
Love this picture so much - he is such a precious gift

This picture was taken about a second before he drooled all over me
Love that little face!
Little stinker - he only gave a handful of smiles
My mom and dad - my dad wore his hat over and then had hat hair, so we told him to just leave it on - he's in a hat 99% of the time, anyway, so it fits him.  Love my mom's tops.
So thankful to have a family picture
I do feel abundantly blessed  - little light in my life
Daddy's pride and joy
Who's sleepy in this picture?
Love this big boy!
Love, love, love this picture

Once again - Thanks, Elizabeth!  You're so talented and sweet!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Happy 3 months

You are 3 months old now!  Wow! 
You weigh approximately 13 lbs (I had to get on the scales with you, so just an estimate).  I'm not sure how long you are.
You  still fit into 0-3 month clothes.  You have cute chubby cheeks that I still can't kiss enough.
You eat a lot!  You are still eating 7 times/day but sometimes you need an extra feeding or two.  You are still being solely breastfed, which I feel really good about.   Although, I'm having supply issues :(
You are going to have 1 cousin born in June and 1 born in July - we are so excited for you to have some family to play with.  We don't know the sex of either, yet.  Hopefully there will be at least 1 boy.  
You wear size 1 diapers. 
You are continuing to stay awake longer after feedings.  We can't believe how alert you have become.  You are the happiest and most alert in the mornings.  You really like your bouncer and the koala bear, you bat at it a lot and smile and laugh - it's really sweet.  You also like Sophie the giraffe that Nana bought you and the plastic hole ball Uncle Clint and Aunt Anne bought you. 
Your smile melts our hearts - you have become quite smiley - although I can't seem to get too many pictures of you smiling.  You have really started giggling -melts my heart.  Last week I was feeding you and had to keep stopping because you kept laughing (best mom moment so far).  I don't know what was so funny, but I loved it!  
You're so sweet and cuddly, you really like being held.
You have flipped from your stomach to your back one time so far- I'm really amazed at the progress you are making -no longer a newborn.  
Your eyes still look like a deep blue color.
Your hair is starting to lighten and is now a dark blonde/light brown - I'm guessing you will end up a little blondie like your mommy and daddy (daddy as a kid).
You had your first accident (weird freak accident) - one of mommy's hairs got wrapped around your middle toe and cut off circulation and your toe swelled up 3x bigger than normal and the hair sliced some skin off the back of your toe and was bleeding (I'm not gonna lie, Daddy and I thought you might lose your toe so I didn't take any pictures, I was sick over the whole thing).  We had to unwrap it and it turned bright red.  I called the doctor and he said to watch it closely and as long as it stays red that is a good thing, but if it turns pale to go to the ER right away.  I watched your foot like a hawk.  The doctor checked it 2 days later and said it looked okay.
You have discovered the tv and are transfixed, but we don't let you watch it, we turn you away.  No tv at this point for you, sorry little man.
You still love to stand up and kick like crazy.  We've tried putting you in your bigger bouncer, but you're still a little too small - your feet don't touch the ground and you just kind of lump over. 
You are still sleeping 8+ hours per night (still a major praise!).   Most of the time you go to sleep pretty easily.  You are waking up happy, it's so sweet seeing you on the monitor wake up cooing and then come in and get you and you smile at us.  Baby Wise has been amazing!   I've been a little bit crazy about it, but it works!
You are our sweet, precious gift from God!   We are so...thankful for you.  We love you so much!
Happy 3 months

My cousin's wife Elizabeth took some amazing pictures for us this past weekend.  Here are just a few.  I'll show the rest later.  She is so talented and sweet!  
Love this little collage of 3 month shirts
So special!  We know Hudson is a precious gift from God
So...cute!  Love the colors in this picture
Love the little guy's hands and smile
I love that she used the blanket my mom made - it's so special to me
Thanks Elizabeth!  Can't wait to show off the rest of the pictures!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

~Brian ~
I'm so thankful for you!  You're an amazing husband and father.  You've been my Valentine for 6 years now and you keep getting sweeter.  
Love you,

~To Our Family and Friends~
Hudson wanted to wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Happy 65th Anniversary!

Today Brian's Grandparents celebrate their 65th wedding anniversary!  That's awesome!  They're such a cute couple - so sweet.  Brian's parents flew to Florida yesterday for a surprise visit and celebration.  Wish we could be there, too.  Grandma and Grandpa C are so loving and generous.  They raised 3 amazing children, have 7 grandchildren, and have 8 soon to be 9 great grandchildren.   Brian has such fond memories of his grandparents.  Chris and Brian used to spend hours at their house playing and exploring.  Grandma would make them Mickey Mouse pancakes and the most delicious fried chicken.  Grandma and Grandpa took the boys to Minnesota for a little vacation one summer and Brian had the best time.   I tried zooming in and cropping this photo, but this was as close as I could get.  
65 years and still going strong! So thankful for two people who took their vows seriously.
Happy Anniversary!  We love you!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

For the Grandparents

Here is a short little clip of Hudson playing with his activity gym - just thought the grandparents might like it. 

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Fun Weekend

Brian's parents were here this past weekend and we had a great time.  I'm so thankful that Hudson has 4 amazing grandparents.  They all love him so much!  

Hudson was so excited when we told him Grandma and Grandpa were coming!
Playing with Grandpa is so fun!
Getting lots of kisses from Grandma
I have been extra cautious with Hudson this winter - he has only been out a couple of times (I know, I'm paranoid).  We took him to out to eat with us and he did great.  He slept most of the time.  Yes, he did wear socks.
Great visit with Grandma and Grandpa!
Hudson says, "Hurry back soon, we miss you!"

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

More Random

Hudson has some adorable outfits and I don't want to forget how he looked in them, so I took a few more pictures:
Here he is with his friend Sophie
This is the 0-3 month outfit he wore home from the hospital - it's still big.  We'll try again in a couple of weeks
Just a little fit
Love this little outfit - my mom bought it for him
I think his eyes are turning blue
Happy February!