Sunday, February 19, 2012

More pictures

Here are a few more pictures that my cousin's wife took.  They're so precious to me.  
We do feel Blessed Beyond Measure.  
 Love his little expression
Love this picture so much - he is such a precious gift

This picture was taken about a second before he drooled all over me
Love that little face!
Little stinker - he only gave a handful of smiles
My mom and dad - my dad wore his hat over and then had hat hair, so we told him to just leave it on - he's in a hat 99% of the time, anyway, so it fits him.  Love my mom's tops.
So thankful to have a family picture
I do feel abundantly blessed  - little light in my life
Daddy's pride and joy
Who's sleepy in this picture?
Love this big boy!
Love, love, love this picture

Once again - Thanks, Elizabeth!  You're so talented and sweet!

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