Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy 18 months

Happy 18 months!  
25 lbs =40%;  32"=38%;  Head=89%
You love giving and getting hugs and kisses.  That might be my favorite thing about you and I hope you never outgrow it.
You love reading and would have us read to you until we are hoarse if you had your way.  
You really like puzzles. 
You love watching Curious George and Dinosaur Train.
You love anything water related - baths, your water table, playing in the pool, the hose, puddles,...
You want to be outside 24 hours a day. 
You love doing the hand motions for Itsy Bitsy Spider, Patty Cake, This Little Light of Mine, Wheels On The Bus.  
Words:  dada, momma, nana=banana, drg=dog, no, go, WOW!, WHOA!, wawa=water, mil=milk, door, ro-ro=round.  You love making animal sounds- dogs, birds, bears, monkeys, dinosaurs, lions bees, and tigers.
You were doing better with the church nursery, but had to get shots this past week, so you are terrified again.  I hope it's short lived.   
You have definitely learned how to throw temper tantrums and can be quite dramatic. 
You mainly wear size 12 month clothes.  
You love having your hair styled and think you're super cool.
You usually sleep from 7:45pm to 7:30 am (occas 8 am).  You usually nap an hour for me, but about once a week you will only nap for about 25 min.  
You have become a little bit of a picky eater and don't care for vegetables too much anymore.  
We're loving the age you're at, you're a lot of fun.   You really are a little sponge and are soaking up everything we're teaching you.  It's fun to see you mimic us. 
You are our sweet, precious gift from God.  
We love you!!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Last Weekend

We had so much fun last weekend.  My parent's came down Thursday night and spent the weekend with us.  It was so great seeing them.   As usual, Hudson loved all the attention.  I love this picture of my Dad and Hudson. 
I don't know why this picture is so distorted.  
 On Friday, my Dad took Hudson swimming.  He had a blast. 
His favorite part was going up and down the stairs and sitting and kicking.
Love this little stinker's face
My mom bought Hudson a water table and he LOVES it!!!  He spent 2 hours playing with it on Saturday and 1 hour on Sunday (it would have been longer, but we were gone all day and it was a little late by the time he got to play with it).

Anytime we're outside, Hudson wants to get in the front seat of the van and push all the buttons. 
On Sunday, we got to go see Curious George.   This was the drive to the location --Just Beautiful!
They had a lot of fun activities for the kids- petting zoo, balloons, face painting,...
Hudson LOVED meeting George!!!!   He didn't understand that he needed to wait in line, he kept trying to cut, but when it was finally his turn, he took off running and ran right into his arms. 
It was so cute!!
Sadly, Hudson was devastated when we had to drag him away.  He didn't understand why he couldn't stay with him all day. 
But...once we took him back over to see the animals, he forgot all about George.
Trying to be like Daddy and take his game apart
We loved having my parent's here!! 

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

Today has been such a sweet day.  Brian got up early and went out and got donuts for us.  Our church service was great-we wrapped up a series on the 23rd Psalm.  It's so refreshing and inspiring to know that goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life.  I feel abundantly blessed to be Hudson's Mommy.  He really is a sweet precious gift and I am so thankful for him.   I'm also so thankful for my sweet Mom and Mother-in-law.  They're two amazing women.
Happy Mother's Day!  

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Falling Behind

I have been a terrible blogger lately.  For one reason, we have been incredibly busy.  For another reason, I have still been in a blogging funk.  Hudson has become so much fun and these past few months and is so...busy and on the go non-stop.  I'm trying to soak up every moment, I know he will only be small for a short time.  He's changing so fast.  I'm so thankful to be home with him everyday -even days he makes me crazy.  

 A couple of weeks ago, we got a sweet visit from Brian's Grandparents and his Dad.  They spend the winter in Florida and then come back to Indiana in late April every year.  Brian's Dad drives them back and forth.  They stopped and visited for a little while.  It was so great seeing them.  They really are salt of the Earth.
Love this picture of everyone!

Great Grandma got Hudson a pinwheel and he absolutely loves it!  He still blows on it everyday and has everyone else blow on it, too.
Hudson wants to be big like Daddy and is ready to start shaving
Hudson loves the hose!!!!!
Helping Daddy clean the garage
Hudson was collecting rocks and sticking them in his bibs
Hudson took a nasty fall a few weeks ago and got a pretty nasty cut on his chin - poor guy - April was a rough month

Super cool dudes wearing shades

I turned 32 on May 3.  Brian had arranged for some of our friends to babysit Hudson and took me on a really nice date.  We had a great time.   I'm so thankful for a great past year.  I'm loving this decade.  
Hudson very sweetly grabbed my hand the other day and held it while we watched some cartoons.  Moments like that melt my heart.  

Lunch with friends after church - I love that the two boys are in plaid shirts.
1st haircut --I may have started to tear up when I saw how much he looks like a little boy.  We took him to a great place that has a big slide and cool seats to sit in.
Hudson got to sit in the airplane and watch Curious George
It was funny - he was pretty ticklish when she was shaving him.
Thankfully he sat still and acted like a big boy
Brian also took a lot of pictures- we were some serious paparazzi
The girl cutting his hair was really sweet and quick
At one point he started to tear up, but then he pulled it together and started smiling again
Handsome little guy - he looks older, but his face looks chubbier - I love it!  She gave him a cute little faux hawk-so...cute!
They gave him a balloon at the end and he thought he was Hot Stuff
Afterwards, we went over to some friend's house and had a cookout.  The boys loved playing in the sandbox

Whew!  That was a lot to catch up on.  We're loving the warmer weather and all the time we're getting to spend outside.