Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy 18 months

Happy 18 months!  
25 lbs =40%;  32"=38%;  Head=89%
You love giving and getting hugs and kisses.  That might be my favorite thing about you and I hope you never outgrow it.
You love reading and would have us read to you until we are hoarse if you had your way.  
You really like puzzles. 
You love watching Curious George and Dinosaur Train.
You love anything water related - baths, your water table, playing in the pool, the hose, puddles,...
You want to be outside 24 hours a day. 
You love doing the hand motions for Itsy Bitsy Spider, Patty Cake, This Little Light of Mine, Wheels On The Bus.  
Words:  dada, momma, nana=banana, drg=dog, no, go, WOW!, WHOA!, wawa=water, mil=milk, door, ro-ro=round.  You love making animal sounds- dogs, birds, bears, monkeys, dinosaurs, lions bees, and tigers.
You were doing better with the church nursery, but had to get shots this past week, so you are terrified again.  I hope it's short lived.   
You have definitely learned how to throw temper tantrums and can be quite dramatic. 
You mainly wear size 12 month clothes.  
You love having your hair styled and think you're super cool.
You usually sleep from 7:45pm to 7:30 am (occas 8 am).  You usually nap an hour for me, but about once a week you will only nap for about 25 min.  
You have become a little bit of a picky eater and don't care for vegetables too much anymore.  
We're loving the age you're at, you're a lot of fun.   You really are a little sponge and are soaking up everything we're teaching you.  It's fun to see you mimic us. 
You are our sweet, precious gift from God.  
We love you!!


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