Sunday, October 12, 2014

Happy 3 months!


Happy 3 months!  You really are the sweetest, laid back, easy baby.   Your sweet personality is really starting to come out.
You have become really vocal this past month and make the cutest noises and love trying to mimic us.  You also love making and maintaining eye contact.  As long as we're looking at you, you smile non-stop and are really happy.
My old manager made Hudson this sweater.  I'm so glad it cooled off for a few days so he could wear it.
You are eating about 6-7 times/day and eat about 28-30 oz.  You've still only had breastmilk, which I'm happy about.  
You have started sleeping about 12 hours at night.  Although, you usually wake up once or twice and we re-swaddle you, and rock you for about a minute and you're back asleep.  It's been so nice getting more sleep.  Our day schedule is still not the best, but you usually give me 1 good nap at least 1.5 hours and the other naps are usually only 25-maybe 45 minutes.  You fall asleep really easily.

Whoops!  Starting to fall forward.
You love your play mat and kick at the piano non-stop.  You love looking at yourself in the little attached mirror.  You also like your bouncer pretty well, too.   You love bath time and kick and splash and smile non-stop.
Sweet little guy!
I'm not sure how much you weigh - I'm guessing 13.5 pounds.  I think you've just hit a growth spurt today.
Smiling at Hudson
Hudson still loves you and is so affectionate with you.
Mr. Serious!
You are such a sweet little blessing and we fall more and more in love with you daily.  We know God has big plans for you and pray for you daily.

We love you!  Happy 3 months!