Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Happy 7 months!

~Emersyn Kate~

Happy 7 months!  Goodness Gracious this time is moving!  I honestly missed the date.  We've had so much sickness that I had no clue what the date was and it was December 1, so I missed your 7 month birthday.  It's been a crazy month of sickness.  Your Daddy had the flu for a week then a sinus infection.  Beckett had ear infections and then finally got tubes.  Hudson had a sinus infection, asthma issues, bronchitis and pink eye.  I had a sinus infection and mild pink eye.  You had a bad cold and pink eye.  

Even though you were sick, you were still our happy laid back baby.  The only real issue we had was sleep.  It was a terrible month for sleep!  You couldn't breathe so woke up a lot!!  Wed had you sleeping in your rock and play for a long time.   Anywhere from 30 minutes after bedtime to every 30 min-1 hr at night.  Last night was the first time in who knows when that you only woke up once and just needed readjusted and your paci and went back to sleep.   You still sleep in your sleep sack.
You usually go to bed about 7:30 and wake up about 6 or 6:30.   You take 2-3 naps/day (usually 2).  They last about 30 minutes, sometimes you take a big 1.5-2 hr nap, but that's pretty rare and I never know when it's going to happen.

I'm guessing you weigh about 16 pounds and are long and skinny, but we are noticing some rolls since you've been eating food.  You wear different sizes - some 3-6 month (mainly tops and pants), some 6 month (mainly tops), some 6-9 month (mainly outfits), and some 9 month clothes (mainly pajamas).
 I love this Thanksgiving outfit!  Thanks, Nana!   I couldn't keep the shoe on.

Your eyes are still a really pretty blue and red hair - still in a mohawk shape.
You  are eating baby cereal, bananas, prunes, peas, and pears.  You have tried avocado and do not like it.  You also don't care for peas, unless I mix them with prunes or pears.  We started giving you puffs this past month and at first you weren't too crazy about them, now you get excited and are really starting to enjoy them.   You are still only getting breast milk.  You haven't tolerated food the best, it sometimes hurts your belly and makes you constipated.  Still no teeth.  You "talk" and jabber a lot.  You say "dada" a lot and I've heard you say "Momma" a few times this past month.  
You just started sitting independently, you still occasionally fall over, but  you're doing great for the most part.  You still like your jumper, you haven't really sat in your bouncer for a few weeks.  You still like your play mat.  You like cords and strings and musical toys.   You have definitely gotten very grabby- from earrings to hair to whatever we have on our hands - you want.  You still love people watching.  You have started to show some stranger anxiety and need a few minutes to warm up to people before being passed to them.  You're mostly a Momma's Girl, but definitely love your Daddy.  You smile when you see your brothers, but tend to laugh the most at Beckett.  
I love this gummy smile you've been doing lately

You're still not the best car rider (thankful for Hudson, he does his best to entertain or feed you).
Hudson and I call you Katie or Katie Bug, Beckett calls you Emmie Katie Bug and Daddy calls you Emmie or Emmie Kate.
I didn't have time, yet to take pictures with this outfit, but I absolutely love it!

Love this warm outfit!

You're our very favorite surprise!   We love you so much!  Happy 7 months Sweet Precious Baby Girl!  So thankful for you!
Mommy & Daddy

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  1. ohmygosh! Glad to hear that's now in the past and hopefully everyone is healthy now. She's a cutie!


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