Saturday, October 29, 2016

Happy 6 mos!

~Emersyn Kate~

Happy 6 months!  This has been the best 6 months ever!  You're such a lovely, easy going baby.  Sadly, you've been sick for almost 3 weeks, you keep catching cold after cold.   But, even with cold after cold, you're still pretty happy and laid back.  
You were sick for our family pictures and missed your nap, so you were pretty serious for pictures (at least you weren't crying).  I love this dress and headband.  ( I actually love all your dresses and headbands for this month)
You weigh 15 lbs 12 oz =47% and are 26.5" = 75%.  Your head is in the 86%.  
 Your eyes look really pretty with this dress.  
You sleep about 11 hrs at night and usually take 3 20-30 min naps, sometimes you only nap twice a day.  Sometimes, I get lucky and you take a big nap, but that's pretty unusual and I never know when that's going to happen.  You're still go with the flow.  You'll occasionally nap in the car, but don't prefer that and sometimes you're not a very good car rider.  
You put EVERYTHING in your mouth and like to chomp and/or chew on things.  You like your paci, but don't really suck on it too much.  You definitely like it in your mouth at night.   We started you on cereal a few weeks ago and you really like it, then we started banana a couple of weeks ago and you really like that.   You eat cereal in the morning and night, and banana at lunch and dinner.  You are still getting breast milk and eating 5-6 x/day.   No teeth, yet. 
You can definitely roll all over the place and pivot around to get something.  You can sit pretty well with some help.    
Your hair is definitely red and growing in a mohawk shape.  Your eyes are still a really pretty blue.   You look a lot like Beckett's baby pictures. 
You love your brothers and have really started laughing at them.  You love bath time and being carried around, but you also like your space a little bit and you also like position changes.  You love having your neck tickled and laugh really hard.  You are usually very content to sit on our laps and be happy.  At this point in time, you are a Mommy's Girl, but I'm guessing that will change at some point.  You still love your bouncers and play mat.  You are starting to really like books.   You love walks and being outside.  You still love to people watch and enjoy shopping or going to church.
Hudson and I tend to call you Katie or Katie Bug (as in Love Bug), Daddy calls you Emmie and Beckett calls you Emmie Katie Bug.  
You really are at a great age - so fun and sweet!  You have been grabbing our faces and giving big wet kisses.   You say "Dada" all the time, but I'm pretty sure I heard you say, "Hi, Mom." one time ;)  .  
Our lives are so much better with you in it.  You are the best gift that we didn't even know we wanted.  We love you so much and pray daily for you!
Happy 6 months Sweet Precious Girl!  

Mommy & Daddy

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  1. super cute. she looks so much like big brother.


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