Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday Favorites

I haven't blogged much recently because I haven't done much.

My (Ashley) answers are listed first.  Brian's are second, notice the 1-2 word answers.

Favorite Time of the Day:  When I get home from work.  On my days off, my favorite time is when Brian gets home.
B - Morning.

 Favorite Season:  Summer!  I love the heat, Memorial Day, 4th of July, cook-outs, swimming.  But I do like the other seasons as well, but wish they were shorter.
  I made this cake for the 4th last year - It was the only thing that really stood out as summer
B - Fall.

 Favorite Month:  May - The weather is warmer, I love planting flowers, and my birthday is that month.
I planted these flowers in our mailbox last May
B - September.

Favorite Holiday:  Christmas and 4th of July
B - Thanksgiving.

Favorite Movie:   Drawing a blank -but a few that come to mind are -Return to Me, While You Were Sleeping, and The Thomas Crown Affair
B - Braveheart

Favorite Place to Shop:  Target, Meijer, Ann Taylor Loft

Favorite Kind of Music:  Christian - Some of my favorites are:  Chris Tomlin, Third Day, Hillsong
B - Christian and Rock.

Favorite Thing To Do:  Spend time with Brian
B - Build stuff.                   (Thanks, babe.)

Favorite Place in the World:  HOME - There's no place like it.
B - Home.

Favorite Hobby:  Blogging and reading other blogs
B - Building stuff.

Favorite Place to Live:  Right now I'm really enjoying Kentucky, but I hope to move to North Carolina in a few years
B - Kentucky.

Favorite Place to Vacation:  The Beach and the Mountains, I love traveling anywhere - St. Lucia, Bahamas, Mexico,...  -Montana, Colorado, Wyoming  --I really loved Italy and Austria, but I don't have a huge desire to make that long flight again anytime soon.

B - The mountains.

Favorite Restaurant:  Oh, there are so...many.  The Melting Pot, Mongolian Grill, Portofino's, Bella Notte, Mi Piquena Hacienda
B - Malone's.

Favorite Drink:  Water, then pink or raspberry lemonade
B - Coke.

Favorite Chore:  Cleaning the kitchen - I love having a clean kitchen
B - Mowing.

Favorite Make-up:  Bare Minerals
(I didn't ask Brian)

Favorite Hair Products:  Aveda
B - Pomade

Favorite Lotion:  Curel
B - Whatever you use that doesn't smell.

Favorite Perfume/Cologne:  Unfortunately, I don't wear any.  I have a few - Calvin Klein, Glo by J Lo and I like them both, but every time I wear them, I sneeze a lot
B -  I sometimes wear that cologne in the black bottle that you bought me.  (I think I bought him some type of Ralph Lauren cologne a few years ago)

Favorite Blogger:  I like a lot!  My blog list includes my favorites.
B - I don't look at any unless you show them to me, but I do like the Witbeck's blog.

Favorite Thing to Blog About:  I'm kind of random - but I really like doing Before and Afters, blogging about friends, and vacations.
B - I've only blogged a couple of times, not really my thing.

Favorite Thing to Wear:  summer dresses

B - jeans and a t-shirt.

Favorite Memory:  Our wedding day - the best day of my life!!
B - Wedding day.

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