Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Great Weekend

We had 4 of our best friends come down for the weekend ~Josh and Julie and Brad and Sheri (and Otis).  We had the best time!  We didn't do much - just hung out and talked, mainly.   On Saturday, Brian and I took the four of them to Saul Good, a yummy local place.  Brian and Brad tried chicken and waffles - a southern comfort favorite.  We had a week straight of 70 degree days, but of course, the day they all showed up, it dropped down to the 30's and 40's.  Saturday night I made chili and we watched the Butler game (so thankful they are in the final 4!!!!)
Here are my girls:  Sheri and Julie
 I-Phone picture from Saul Good.  My only picture of the 6 of us.  Thanks Brad. 
Sheri and Otis -  he's the sweetest little guy.  Peyton and him got along great immediately, but it took Charlie about 12 hours realize he wasn't a level 5 threat.  He's too funny, he snorts and snores.

Josh and Julie at Bella Notte.  After church on Sunday we went out to lunch
Brad and Sheri
I-Phone pic - don't ask me what we were doing
That's better
I can't even tell you how much it meant to me to have the 4 of them come down for the weekend.  They are all so wonderful - a true blessing.   Love you all!!!

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  1. Brian, Ash, Peyton & Charlie, Thank you SO MUCH for having us! We had an amazing time!!!! Love you all so much and Otis misses his new friends! I asked him about Peyton & Charlie and he started running 100 mph around the house :)


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