Friday, March 11, 2011

Flashback Friday

I had so much fun with my last flashback post, I thought I'd do another one.  This will probably be the last flashback post.  I think I'm done embarrassing myself.

This is my only claim to fame.  I think this is the only time I've ever been in the paper --at least I can't think of anything else.  Some of the kids were Indians and some were Pilgrims.  I can't remember how it was decided, but I think a.m. kindergartners were Pilgrims and p.m. kids were Indians -That's me with the awkward arm pose.

6th grade library helpers --- I Loved This Job!  I got to be with all my best buds.  We had such a great time.  I have the really cool checkered shirt on in the back row. 

Cross Country Team 11th grade - we had a pretty good team.  I remember taking this picture - it was so much fun - you can't see it, but I have this sweet little heart necklace that says Jesus in the middle - I still have that necklace - I'm bottom left

Last, but not least- Prom from my Junior year -- So thankful my face has thinned out.  What was I thinking with my hair all slicked back?  I don't know what's with the spots on mine and Katie's faces -  I loved my necklace, it was part of my grandma's costume jewelry collection  - I remember really liking and still liking Abrah and Katie R's dresses


  1. Carley, what are you waiving at? LOL! I love flashback Friday and think you should keep it up!

  2. Ashley, it's Megan! I randomly came back here tonight b/c I clicked around the blogs (and I haven't in a long time...) & I feel like a celebrity!! Here I am again!! hooray! By the way, you look beautiful, and your house is awesome!! It is so nice to see what you are up to... looks like everything is just great. My mom sees your parents all the time. I'll have to tell her how great life seems to be going for you. If you ever join facebook, look me up!! I don't have a blog, but I'd love to keep up with you more often. :) Take care!!

  3. P.S. Me again....I had that same picture of the library helpers. Ha... Carley and Sarah look so cute; I miss everyone.


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