Monday, March 7, 2011

gifts from the past week

43.  Crocus' in bloom!  
44.  Seeing lots of green popping out of the ground
45.  Smell of the air before a thunderstorm
46.  Reconnecting with high school friends (Mandy, Megan, Abrah, Brittany, Haley) - one of the things I really like about blogging
47.  Dinner at Puccini's with friends - I loved the company and loved the food
48.  Hannah - such a lovable, happy baby
49.  Getting a letter in the mail from our Compassion child Plaisia, she's so sweet and draws us the cutest pictures- brings me such joy watching her growing in Christ
50.  Getting our firepit out - we had the best evening Friday night sitting outside
51.  Tornado sirens - I was really annoyed Monday morning at 5:15 to be awoken by sirens, but later in the day, I was thankful for them. 
52.  Thankful that I'm not diabetic - I had to poke my finger yesterday morning to get $50 back on our insurance and it was a miserable process.  I have no problem poking other people's fingers at work, but when it comes to myself, I did not tolerate it well.  I would be the worst diabetic ever because there is no way I would poke my finger 4x/day.
53.  Thankful for my husband's hard work - he worked all day Saturday to build me planter boxes for our deck (which he will also start building in the next couple of weeks)

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  1. so glad I found your blog too! I am a little jealous of your spring like weather though :)


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