Monday, January 12, 2015

Happy 6 months

Happy 6 months!

You're still our happy, lovely baby.  We tried starting you on rice cereal a couple of weeks ago, but you broke out in a rash right away, so we waited a week and tried oatmeal cereal and you hated it.   You gag and spit it out and are definitely not a fan.  You act like you're starving and want something, but just aren't sure of it, yet.  We're not used to a baby that doesn't like food.  

Sleep is still an issue.  Every 4 or 5 days, you'll sleep all night, but the other nights, you're up once or twice.  We've tried letting you cry it out, but that's not going so well.  We just don't know what to do to get you to sleep all night.  We're just so tired!!!

We've just switched you over to size 3 diapers.  You weigh 16 lbs 14 ox =39%
Your length is 28" = 91%.
Your head is in the 28%.
You still have beautiful blue eyes and light hair.  

1 week before you turned 6 months, you started turning from your back to your stomach and then from your stomach to your back and have barrel rolled a few times.  I think you're excited to start playing with your brother.
I love this sweet, chubby picture.  

You are still super smiley and talk and jabber a lot and squeal/scream a lot.  No teeth, yet and are still SUPER drooly.  You still wear 2 bibs at a time.  You still haven't taken to your paci, you chomp on it, but have never sucked on it.
You can kind of sit on your own for a minute or two and then topple over.  It's been another month of sickness.  At your 6 month appt, the doctor found a bad ear infection - poor thing, I feel awful.  
I love this little GAP outfit, it's so comfy and warm, you wear it a lot.  I accidentally scratched you in the corner of your right eye.  Your hair is kind of growing in a mohawk type shape.
You are such a sweet, lovable blessing!  We continue to pray big things for you.   You're such a joy!  We love you!