Sunday, May 29, 2016

Happy 1 month

   ~ Dear Emersyn Kate ~

I can't believe you're 1 month old already!  You are a sweet, cuddly little peanut.  I was running on adrenaline the 1st two weeks, but have been pretty tired the past 2 weeks.  Your Daddy stayed home from work the 1st week after you were born and then Nana Sally came and stayed for 16 days.  She was amazing!  We survived our 1st week at home, just you, me, and the boys, and actually did pretty well.  

You are about 7 lbs 10 oz or so and 21".  You still wear newborn clothes and diapers.  You are sleeping about 4 hour stretches at night, sometimes less.  You're usually only fussy when you're hungry.  You eat about 7-8 times per day.  You're nursing pretty good, you're pretty pokey and tend to fall asleep easily and sometimes it takes 1-2 hours to get a good feeding in.   I just started pumping and you had your first bottle from that a couple of days ago.  You only snapped out of the newborn sleepiness a few days ago, so you're awake a little longer now.   Morning time is usually your most awake time and your fussiest time.  You're still sleeping in the rock and play next to my bed.  You are quite a noisy sleeper, sometimes I wonder if there's a chipmunk or piglet next to me.  Your hair is strawberry blonde and you have deep, pretty navy eyes.  You are definitely looking like your Daddy.  You have long skinny legs and long skinny feet and toes.  Your umbilical cord just fell off a couple of days ago.You really like your paci.  

We can't kiss you enough!!  Both of your brothers love holding you, kissing you, and helping to get diapers and wipes.  Beckett is especially obsessed with your eyes, ears, nose, and likes to poke at you, if given the chance.
Long wing span.  Nana Sally made you this beautiful blanket.  I absolutely love it and can't wait to see all your monthly pictures on it.
Posing for pictures is so exhausting!!  That's my bear from when I was a little girl.  We can't wait to see what your personality will be like - so far, you remind us a little of Hudson.  
We're still figuring out what to call you - Emersyn, Emersyn Kate, Emme, Emme Kate, Emma, Emma Kate, Kate, or Katie.  We'll see what sticks.  
You are our sweet, precious surprise baby - absolutely perfect addition to our family!  We're so thankful for you and love you so much!  I've been praying Philippians 4:8 over you since I was pregnant  "Whatever is true, whatever is noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable - if anything is excellent or praiseworthy - think about such things."

We love you so much!
Love, Mommy & Daddy