Saturday, August 6, 2011

Baby Fever

So I decided early on to try and not spend too much money on our little man.  Well, I finally just couldn't help myself.  I found some really cute clothes on clearance and had a little spree.  Oh, how I heart clearance!!  Here are my favorites:
The three on the left are for next summer.  It's really hard to guess how big he's going to be.  Brian was a thin baby and I was a chubby/fat baby.  I went with 6-9 months and am hoping he'll be on track.  Brian picked out the two middle outfits.  I also fell in love with the blue and gray fleece vest with cargo pants.  I'm getting so anxious to meet little man.  15 more weeks feels like an eternity.   I plan on doing a pregnancy update within a week or two.  Plus, I think we have decided on a name.  I'll reveal it once we're 100% sure.  And...Brian painted the nursery - it is so...cute!  We have the crib and bedding, but we still need a mattress, chair, and dresser/changing table.  Once we get all the pieces in the room I'll post pictures. 

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  1. Oooo...I love it! You are going to have one well dressed little man on your hands! I bet you are getting so....excited! Can't wait to see baby bump pics!!!


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