Saturday, April 14, 2012

Little Stinker

I'm having a great weekend at my parent's house.  I drove up to Indiana with Hudson yesterday.  Brian has a lot of work he wanted to get done at our house, so he stayed behind.  Thankfully Hudson did great.  I was really worried about him screaming part of the trip, but he slept part of it and then entertained himself the rest of the time.  He started to lose it the last 10 minutes and that was it.  Whew!!  

We got here at 12:30 and hung out with my parents all day, then my mom and I decided to go shopping and we left Hudson with my dad.  We were only gone a couple of hours, but when we got home Hudson had just had a major poo explosion and my dad was in the middle of changing him.  My dad found the diapers, but not the wipes and was using toilet paper and he didn't put down any sort of pad down and got poo all over my mom and dad's bedspread.  Of course Hudson thought the whole thing was hilarious and was rolling all over the place.  Little Stinker!  -literally.  Poor Grandpa hasn't had to change a diaper in 20+ years.  It was a good effort, but I'm thankful we walked in when we did - who knows where else poo may have ended up.  


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