Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Extra Easter Pix

On Good Friday, Brian took Hudson to Indiana by himself.  I stayed home to do some serious spring house cleaning (it was great!   I shampooed the carpet, washed windows inside and out, dusted everything, shined our kitchen cabinets,... --I'm a dork, I really enjoy cleaning).  They had a quick trip up and came back the next day.
Aunt Melissa and Hudson 
All the kids ready to hunt some eggs
Grandma helping Hudson
Excited to find another one
The week before they had gotten about 10" of snow and there was a little left in certain spots and Hudson loved it!
He sat right down to play - he gave up on the eggs to play in the snow
He was laughing in this picture
Of course he had to hug everybody
And he had to kiss everybody - love this picture of those two - precious!
Brian changed Hudson into his pajamas before they came back so we could put him right to bed.
Love this picture of both of them - they look so happy!

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  1. sweet pictures. I'm sure once we get into our own home I'll be cleaning more often and more thorough as well.


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