Friday, June 12, 2015

Happy 11 months


Happy 11 months!  I can't believe you're 11 months old.  I'm seriously in shock.  You had another healthy month, thankfully.  You're still such a delight and so fun.

You love the pool!  You love splashing and walking around the edge of the baby pool.  You love playing outside. You also started playing with cars and it's so cute to see you push them around the floor and attempt to make "vroom vroom" noises.  You still really enjoy walks and people watching.  You still love waving and being sung to.  You definitely started showing more personality this past month and you starting tolerating things less -you don't like to wait too long for food, if you want picked up, you expect to be picked up immediately.  You have become our little climber - you love climbing up stuff - the coffee table in family room, Hudson's toddler bed, stairs, the fireplace,... you name it and if you can, you will.  I have started to become a little bit of a referee, Hudson sometimes takes things away from you and you get upset, and vice versa.  When you want something, you are quite determined and can pitch quite the little fit.

You're still sleeping about 11 hours at night and 2 naps during the day - anywhere from 25 min to almost 2 hours.  You still take 4 bottles/day.  A third tooth just popped through on the bottom - still no upper teeth.  Diaper changes have been so difficult for the past couple of months, you so do not want to hold still, it's like wrestling an alligator.  You still weigh about 19-20 pounds.
You have started growling/roaring like a lion and it's so cute.  You also just started saying, "Mum mum" and "Hi".  You've started blowing kisses and it's the sweetest thing and just melts our hearts.
Your separation anxiety was a little better this past month, so I'm hopeful you won't get as bad as Hudson.  Not walking, but cruising around furniture.

You are definitely more of a picky eater than Hudson, but still do great compared to most babies.  We added a lot of food this past month - your favorite foods right now are:  avocado, watermelon, turkey, chicken, and bread.

You are still just so go with the flow and adapt to everything very easily.
We love you so much Our Little Sunshine Baby!  We pray big things for you!
Happy 11 months!

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  1. super cute! .... and he got his two bottom teeth! what a big boy.


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