Friday, June 12, 2015

Happy 11 months


Happy 11 months!  I can't believe you're 11 months old.  I'm seriously in shock.  You had another healthy month, thankfully.  You're still such a delight and so fun.

You love the pool!  You love splashing and walking around the edge of the baby pool.  You love playing outside. You also started playing with cars and it's so cute to see you push them around the floor and attempt to make "vroom vroom" noises.  You still really enjoy walks and people watching.  You still love waving and being sung to.  You definitely started showing more personality this past month and you starting tolerating things less -you don't like to wait too long for food, if you want picked up, you expect to be picked up immediately.  You have become our little climber - you love climbing up stuff - the coffee table in family room, Hudson's toddler bed, stairs, the fireplace,... you name it and if you can, you will.  I have started to become a little bit of a referee, Hudson sometimes takes things away from you and you get upset, and vice versa.  When you want something, you are quite determined and can pitch quite the little fit.

You're still sleeping about 11 hours at night and 2 naps during the day - anywhere from 25 min to almost 2 hours.  You still take 4 bottles/day.  A third tooth just popped through on the bottom - still no upper teeth.  Diaper changes have been so difficult for the past couple of months, you so do not want to hold still, it's like wrestling an alligator.  You still weigh about 19-20 pounds.
You have started growling/roaring like a lion and it's so cute.  You also just started saying, "Mum mum" and "Hi".  You've started blowing kisses and it's the sweetest thing and just melts our hearts.
Your separation anxiety was a little better this past month, so I'm hopeful you won't get as bad as Hudson.  Not walking, but cruising around furniture.

You are definitely more of a picky eater than Hudson, but still do great compared to most babies.  We added a lot of food this past month - your favorite foods right now are:  avocado, watermelon, turkey, chicken, and bread.

You are still just so go with the flow and adapt to everything very easily.
We love you so much Our Little Sunshine Baby!  We pray big things for you!
Happy 11 months!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

A Day In The Life

I decided to do a day in the life of us so I can remember what some of these days are like.  

6:15 (15 min later than normal)  am:  Up, Shower, Get Ready.  
6:45:  Beckett up, change his diaper, get him ready for day
7:00:  Bottle for Beckett and coffee for me;  read a couple of devotionals;   Brian got Hudson up
7:05:  Brian left for work
7:30:  Got Hudson ready for the day.
7:50:  Breakfast for the boys-  Hudson ate 2 waffles, some berries and 1/2 scrambled egg;  Beckett ate some yogurt with berries in it and 1/2 scrambled egg
8:30:  cleaned up mess, folded some laundry, put 1/2 of it away then out to play
8:45-9:10:  squirt guns in the backyard with Hudson and toys for Beckett to sit and play
Hudson and I arguing over who was #1 at squirt guns- I think he won since he got me more wet, he wanted to change his clothes, I knew I'd dry out

9:10:  Nap time for Beckett;  Let Hudson watch an episode of Curious George;  I checked a few blogs and straightened some things around the house and put the rest of the laundry away and started a new load
9:45:  Beckett awake (took him until 9:20 to fall asleep, so he ended up getting a 25 min nap) watered my flowers with Beckett while his bottle warmed up;  fed Beckett his bottle;  read another devotional;  snack for Hudson -triscuits and carrots
10:05:  Loaded boys into stroller to go to the park;  The park is 1/2 mile away and takes me 9 min to walk there with the boys, then I do a 5 min loop around the walking trail and 9 min back, so if I don't get a work out in, at least I've walked 23 min pushing 50 #'s of boys in the stroller.  About this time, I realized I hadn't eaten yet, but I wasn't going to get them back out of the stroller to eat
Terrible picture of both boys
swinging is probably both of the boy's favorite activity
Actually, I think, pottying outside is Hudson's favorite thing to do at the park, it's become a daily thing for the past week or so.  We show up at the park, after a little bit, he tells me he has to go really badly, and is always super excited to go behind the trees.   Thankfully, I've learned to bring hand sanitizer.
Beckett blowing raspberries at me.  Next was Beckett's turn to have a bathroom issue - naturally, he pooped.  Thankfully, I also brought a diaper and wipes.  I laid him on the ground and changed him, then the boys seemed to be done.  
11:00:  Home from park and started working on lunch;  Hudson had a tantrum over something silly and had to go to his room, then had to have a do-over and show good behavior, had him apologize, talked about why he shouldn't act a certain way, then hugged and kissed him;  I started feeling guilty when I was preparing lunch because I didn't realize I had used the last baby food last night and started to worry that I was going to need to make a grocery run, but ended up finding a squeezy pack for Beckett.  Hudson lunch:  peanut butter sandwich, broccoli, watermelon, rosemary pita chips and milk;  Beckett lunch:  sweet potato and apple squeezy pack, watermelon, turkey, and left over yogurt (did not end up eating the apple sauce I had gotten out);  Me:  ham sandwich and spinach and arugula salad with feta cheese and raspberry and walnut vinegarette  -I was still craving something, so I ended up cooking a couple of slices of bacon.
12:00:  Clean up;  Let Hudson play out back for a few minutes by himself while I cleaned up;  folded and put away another load of laundry;  Beckett happily played by himself
12:40:  Brian called - everyone was happy to hear his voice
1:00:  Another fit over something silly -sent to his room again;  had a do-over to show good behavior, had him apologize, talked to him some more, and hugged and kissed him.
1:15:  Beckett started totally losing it, so I took him in his room, changed his diaper; and laid him down, I think he was asleep about a minute later;  Let Hudson play with his leap pad,  Read Hudson a couple of books;  worked on a grocery list;  Let Hudson watch Thomas while I laid on the couch next to him
3:05:  Beckett awake;  fed him another bottle
3:20:  Loaded boys up and went to the grocery story
4:05:  Home, put groceries away and then started dinner
4:30:  Brian home  - immediately started playing with the boys
4:40:  Dinner- Salad with Chipotle Fiesta Chicken
5:15:  Clean up;  got ready for pool
5:25:  Leave for pool
5:30:  Arrive at pool, only to find it's closed until about 6:30 due to swim meet
5:35:  Home and invite Alex over for squirt gun fight
Hudson looking tough, couldn't get Beckett to look at me

7:00:  Wrap up the fun;  say goodbye to Alex
7:05:  Bath time
7:20:  Out of tub;  jammies on, teeth brushed
7:30 Final bottle for Beckett, books for Hudson
7:45:  Lay Beckett down;  Take over for Brian so he can go work on new house for an hour or so;  lay with Hudson
7:55:  Leave Hudson's room;  straighten house up a bit
8:20:  Sit on couch and turn on TV
9:45:  Brian home from other house;  sit and talk with him for a while
10:30:  Bedtime
This day was a bit busier than most, but I really don't mind, we had a lot of fun.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Busy Busy Busy!

Things have been really busy here lately.  We bought another house and are quickly trying to fix it up before we move in.  It's a house with great potential in a great neighborhood and I think it will be beautiful when it's done.  It's only 1 mile from our current house.  We're also taking time to enjoy summer -friends, cook-outs, the awesome weather, and longer days.  To quote the great Ferris Bueller "Life moves pretty fast.  If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it."

Last night, I think we had the most fun as a family of 4 that we've ever had.  We traveled about 40 miles southwest of Lexington to Danville, which is a cute little town.  We parked downtown and experienced Brass and the Bayou.  They were having a New Orleans themed party and so much fun!!!  We immediately got some amazing food -I got the Jambalaya and Brian got Crawfish Etouffee and Hudson wanted a hotdog.  Our food was out of this world!  We sat and ate and listened to some great jazz music and Hudson danced a little.  Then we got gelato and snow cones.  It was such a fun little atmosphere.

Here's a video of our crazy little boy, or maybe Elaine from Seinfeld.   He did not learn these dance moves from me.  Sadly, he's probably not going to win any dance contests anytime soon.  Such a little boy.

Then, we packed up and headed about 10 minutes south of the town to the airport for the Great American Balloon Race.  We watched 20 hot air balloons take off and it was amazing!
Such a cool sight!
At first, we thought we were going to be late, so we quickly parked at a church, but found out there was a delay and packed back up and headed to the airport.  Thanks for the grimace, Hudson.
My favorite balloon was the Red, White, and Blue one.
The multicolored one in the middle was Hudson's favorite.  There was were old cars and an airplane to check out.
I had high hopes to get a cool picture with the boys and balloons in it -oh, well.
Take #2.

We ate some yummy kettle corn.
I wanted a cool shot with me and the boys with the balloons in the background, but Beckett crawled off and Hudson wouldn't look at the camera, and you can barely see the balloons.

Such an amazing sight seeing them plastered all over the sky
There was also a lot of fun for the kids - a slide and a couple of bounce houses.
The boys were up late!!!   Beckett was up until after 9 and Hudson was up until we got home and got him ready for bed a little after 10.
Such an amazing night!  I highly recommend going to see a balloon race if you get the chance.