Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Happy 10 months!

~Emersyn Kate~

Happy 10 months!  What?!  How can that be (I know I say that every month)?  We had a great last month, minus your colds - pretty much cold after cold after cold.  
You have learned to pull yourself up and just started to cruise around.  You were just army crawling everywhere, and just in the past 2 days have started actually crawling.   You have been fussier this month because you know what you want to do, but can't, yet.  You also prefer to be held, a lot, so if you don't get your way and get held, you tend to cry.

Your eyes are more of a navy blue now and your hair is still red and getting a little longer.  
You're still not a very good sleeper napper - 2 per day about 20-30 minutes each.  We think we've figured out your nighttime routine, though.  You tend to wake up a lot and cry out, so we always came in and patted you back to sleep.  We've been letting you cry it out and you have been going back to sleep on your own- you still wake up a lot, but you can put yourself back to sleep.  You've started turning over on your belly and sleeping and you seem more content.

We went to Disney this past month and you did great and had a blast!   You did great on both plane rides.  You loved Disney!  You slept maybe 10 minutes the first day we were there because you loved looking at everything and everyone.  You LOVE people watching!

You started waving this past month and giving big sloppy kisses, it's pretty sweet.
You love food, but don't really like baby food and spit most of it out.  I've mashed up avocado and tried feeding it to you, and you spit it out, but if I cut little pieces and let you feed yourself, you'll eat it and you love it.  You're very independent with food and want to try everything and feed yourself, too bad you still don't have any teeth, so you can't have too much, yet.  You take 4 bottles a day.  I officially stopped pumping this past month.
You love being outside and going on walks.  You love your little walker and cruise all over the house and will knock over anything in your way.  Pictures were hard this month, you weren't interested at all.  You wouldn't keep your bow on and you wouldn't sit still.
We love you sweet girl!   We pray big things for you!
Love, Mommy & Daddy

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