Sunday, May 29, 2011


Brian took off Friday and I only worked until noon.  When I got home, we were already packed up and ready to go.  We met some of our Indiana friends in southern Indiana at Spring Mill State Park and camped for the night.  I have been feeling pretty good lately and didn't want to miss out seeing everyone. Thankfully Rita and Phil had a site for their camper, so we were able to add our tent.  We were way back in the woods.  We didn't bring any food (how pitiful), we planned on going from site to site and mooching off of everyone.  Rita and Phil treated us to delicious chili for dinner Friday night and bacon, eggs, and toast on Saturday morning, and pizza for lunch.  Saturday evening we had a nice worship service and potluck dinner (mooched again).  We left about 9 pm and got home about 11:15 and showered and crashed for the next 10 hours.  We had a great time hanging out.  I wish I had taken some better pictures.  I only have a couple with people in them.   I would love to go back camping there again.  It was relatively close for us and so pretty. 
 Our camp site
Some of the people from our group - they have nice campers.  The blue tent in the background is Dave and Beth's. 
More campers from our group.  I love all the green.  
The only picture we took together.  We look cold, but it really wasn't - couldn't have been any better camping weather. 
Pioneer Village -That's a Civil War soldier walking down the sidewalk
Dave, Beth, Noel, and Elise
Such a pretty babbling creek
This garden reminded me of the book The Secret Garden

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  1. Glad you enjoyed a little weekend getaway!!!


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