Monday, May 9, 2011

12 week update

Pregnancy Highlights:

Due Date:  11/18/11
Gestational Age:  12 3/7 wks

Size of baby:  size of a large plum 
Morning sickness:  I occasionally have morning sickness,  but it's usually afternoon and evening sickness.  I can't open the fridge past 5 pm without getting really sick.  Poor Brian - I haven't cooked dinner since I was 5 1/2 weeks pregnant.  
Total weight gain/loss:  I'm down 9 pounds - so far pregnancy has been a good diet -too bad I feel awful.  Unfortunately, Brian is also down 8 pounds -that's so... not fair.  Since I haven't been cooking, he has been living on a small bag of popcorn almost nightly. 
Maternity Clothes:  Nope.  Most of my clothes are actually baggy.  I have a slight hard spot/almost protrusion on my stomach.  I'm afraid that all at once I'm going to be gigantic. 
Gender:  Looking like a Boy - not ready to confirm that just yet.  
Highlight of week:  Ultrasound today showed a growing, big bellied baby and we got a good look at his fingers and feet
Lowlight of week:  I was on modified bedrest for 4 days - I'm too exhausted to talk about it now.

Here's a sweet little profile shot:

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