Friday, January 20, 2012

Motherhood: My New Ministry

I've been at home with Hudson now for almost 10 weeks and I absolutely love it!  I haven't figured out how to do too much, yet, but I will get there.  In the meantime, I am loving having the opportunity to stay home and care for and love our son.  I was going to go back to work 2 days/week, but at the beginning of January something just didn't feel right about it.  Brian and I prayed about it and we came to the decision for me to stay home.  It was a little scary thinking about giving up my income, but at the same time, a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders and I felt really good about the decision.  We're now going to have to really stick to our budget, but that's okay, it's worth it.  I know my time at home will be spent well and will be my most important job.  I see this as my ministry to raise a Jesus loving, people loving, respectful, mature, and responsible child and adult.  I know what I am doing will have lasting value.  God has blessed me with the privilege of raising Hudson and I am humbled by this responsibility.  I'm so thankful for this calling!

 I love seeing this little, sweet, smiley face all day!


  1. He's precious! Congrats on being able to stay home!

  2. best job ever!! the years go WAY to fast. enjoy every moment;) he is such a cutie.

  3. My husband and I came to the same decision a couple of months ago...for me to stay at home. I completely relate to the weight being lifted off of your shoulders (AND the need to stick closely to a budget). :) Congratulations...he is adorable!


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