Sunday, May 20, 2012

Late post

I'm still catching up from the middle of April.  --Last month I took Hudson to Indiana by myself for my friend Cheryl's wedding shower.  Brian was busy with work and needed to stay here.  Hudson did great in the car - on the way to Indiana he cried the last 10 minutes, which was great, but made for a long 10 minutes, and then he didn't cry at all on the way home.  I'm so thankful - it could have been an awful trip.   I had such a great weekend catching up with family and friends. 

Hudson was really fascinated with my parent's dog.  Thankfully he is great around kids and didn't mind Hudson tugging on him. 
My niece Jasmine playing -my mom got that toy at a garage sale for $3 and the kids love it
Tylene giving Hudson a kiss
My dad and Jasmine - love her little pig tails
Hudson and his favorite toy - I have no idea why my mom gave him a spoon, especially when he was surrounded by all those toys
My brother holding the babies
Jasmine has 1 sock on and 1 off - not sure when she lost it
My mom and the kids
Decorations for Cheryl's shower
Laura just got engaged the weekend before
Cara, Julie, Kara, and me
Fun time!

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