Sunday, May 27, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

Well, the unofficial start of summer didn't start off quite like we had hoped.  Our poor little guy is experiencing his first sickness.  Hudson woke up screaming Thursday after his third nap and had a 101.5 temp.  I gave him some tylenol and within a couple hours, he was fine.  We just assumed he was teething.  He slept all night.  Friday morning he woke up feeling a little warm, but was only 99.7, so I just gave him some more tylenol and teething rings.  His temp came down, but he was pretty fussy all day and then once again, he woke up screaming after his third nap (3:45) and had another fever.  We had a cookout at 5, but decided not to go since  he wasn't feeling well and we didn't want the other babies and kids to get sick either.  Poor guy just got worse from there.  He just kept getting fussier and fussier and then started getting congested.  Friday was an awful night - he woke up screaming and congested every hour and it would take half an hour to calm him back down.  We took turns getting up with him.  Finally, at 4:30 I slept with him in our chair to keep him elevated so he could breathe, plus I really think he just needed his mommy.  Saturday morning I was relieved to find out our pediatrician's office was open.  I called and they told us to come on over.  Of course when we got there he was all smiles and no fever, but still really congested.  The doctor did see blisters on his throat -not strep -  possibly hand, foot, and mouth disease (not sure, though because he doesn't have blisters anywhere else).  She gave us a prescription for the congestion and said the virus should go away in 3-4 days and not to be alarmed if blisters show up on his hands or feet.  We were supposed to go Indiana on Saturday, but decided to cancel that, also.  We were planning on going to a life celebration event for Brian's aunt who passed away last fall.  We figured driving for 4 hours with a sick baby was a bad idea, plus he would probably sleep better in his own bed.  Last night was better,he only woke up three times and went back to sleep really easily.  It's 9:15 am now and Hudson is already on his second nap for the day.  I'm letting him sleep in my arms so he can breathe better and take a longer nap.  It's so precious watching him sleep and snore, but breaks my heart that he isn't feeling well.  I'm thankful we made it 6 months without any sickness, and praying it is at least 6 more months before he is sick again.    
My precious view

Also, we want to say a very special Thank You to everyone that has or is currently serving in our military.  We're thankful for your service and dedication.   We're so thankful to be living in such a great nation.


  1. Poor little guy. Sorry he's sick. Hopefully he'll begin to feel better soon. Although your weekend didn't go as planned I hope you are having a sweet time with your family. Take care.


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