Tuesday, November 6, 2012

More Houston Pix

We had a great time seeing Chris and Brittney and meeting our new nephew Cooper, but Houston was not exactly the best vacation.  Hudson was really messed up (not really sure if it was from flying, changing time zones, teething, not getting enough sleep at night, not napping well enough during the day,...).  The first day after arriving was kind of awful - Hudson was a bear and nothing made him happy. Thankfully, he was better the next couple of days, but he still wasn't his normal happy self.  We were blessed with amazing weather - low 80's the entire time.  I had to borrow sunblock for Hudson, it didn't even occur to me that I would need it. 
The park in Chris and Brittney's neighborhood.
Cooper was just too precious!
Friday we went to the Houston Zoo and it was a lot of fun!  Hudson LOVED the animals!
Naturally, Hudson tried brushing his own hair with the goat brush
The boys
I love trees and I especially love the trees in Houston- their branches are so cool.
Pretty pond in the middle of the zoo
Happy little guy
Hudson thought he was hot stuff sitting in this tree
Hudson enjoying a few licks of our popsicle
Cooper trying some ice cream
On Saturday we had breakfast at The Seabrook Waffle Co and it was so good!
Ice cream on top of my waffle-yum!
Brian loves Apache helicopters
We had lunch at Outriggers and it was so...good!  Great seafood!
And of course, the last day Hudson figured out the doggy door.
Hudson was really good for the plane ride home yesterday, but we had to give him about 15 pounds of puffs to keep him happy.  I could tell he was tired, but he refused to take a nap.  We actually had 2 couples tell us that he was the best baby they have ever flown with.   Whew!!
We loved meeting Cooper - he's such a laid back, easy baby.  It was nice to just sit and cuddle with him.  We're excited to get to see them again at Christmas. 


  1. another great vacation. pretty pictures. is your husband a twin? If yes then how cool if not they look soo much alike. I think Hudson & Cooper look a bit alike too.

  2. Yes, Brian and Chris are identical mirror image twins. ~ I only see a resemblance in Hudson and Cooper's eyes.

  3. Is that chocolate ice cream on a waffle? Great pictures, love the picture of Hudson and the doggie door! mom


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