Tuesday, November 27, 2012

30 Something SAHM

Hi, I'm Ashley!  Thanks for stopping by.  I decided to link up with Women Connect '12.  I love meeting other bloggers and reading blogs.  I used to blog surf almost daily, but since we had our baby last year, I'm lucky to jump on here a couple of times per week.  I've actually met a few amazing women through their blogs and I'm hoping to meet a few more.  The three things I'm most thankful for are:  My Salvation, My Family, and My Friends.
My husband (Brian) and I will be married 6 years in just a couple of weeks.   Time has really flown by.  We met on a blind date and then 8 1/2 months later engaged, and then 3 months later married.  I have to say that I married a really good man and thank God daily for him.  He is such a blessing and has the best attitude and always points me toward Jesus.  We love travelling, but haven't had any exciting vacations recently.  We both love football, especially the Colts.  We packed up and moved to Kentucky right after we were married.   I love the South and never want to leave.  I'd love to end up in North or South Carolina, or Georgia at some point.

After lots of prayer, we were blessed with a precious baby last year.  I love the little guy so much, he has completely changed me.  Hudson turned 1 on November 16th.  He is such a joy and so much fun.  He is more active than any other baby I've ever met, I'm not kidding, he never stops moving, he's even wild when he's sleeping.  I am a Stay At Home Mom now, but for 7+ years I was a Registered Nurse (I am keeping up my license just in case I have to go back at some point).   I worked Obstetrics for a few years in Indiana and then we got married and moved to Kentucky and I had several jobs, until I finally got an awesome job at a High Risk Obstetric Office.


  1. Hi. I'm Meg--nice to meet you! Looking forward to following your blog. Stop in to say hi!


  2. I was an RN also! I didn't work in that field very long but was in the nursery. Sadly I didn't keep my license up and don't think there's any way I could jump back into it after 11 years...

  3. Hi! Visiting from Women Connect. Your family is precious. My nephew is named Hudson. I had never heard it used as a first name until he was born and now I hear it all the time! Nice to meet you!

  4. The button swap is basically where we just swap buttons on each others site. If you see on the right side of my page, I have HTML text for the button that you can implement into blogger or wordpress. I will do the same with yours. I am going to display my swap there where my buttons are now. Just a great way of getting the word out to other readers about fun, new blogs to read.

    Let me know!


  5. Hey! I'm your newest blog follower (you showed love on my blog... thanks!!) :) :) I also nominated you for a blogger award, please stop by to check it out! I hope you enjoy!


    Have a great night!


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