Friday, February 22, 2013

Mexico Day 2

We woke up just before sunrise every day and sat on our balcony and drank coffee and enjoyed all the beautiful colors.

I have about a million sunrise pictures.  I'll try and not bore you all with them.
 We saw several cruise ships throughout the week.  After hearing about that awful cruise debacle, we were glad we hadn't decided to go on one.  

Sitting and enjoying the sun.  We had a big jacuzzi tub on our balcony, but we never used it.
We actually got to watch a beach wedding -it was really pretty---I would post the only picture I have from the wedding, but a woman walked up and got in my shot and she was wearing a thong and she was not fit (not a good look!)
We got out to the beach nice and early everyday and got in the front row.  Until I saw this picture, I had no idea that we really were the only ones on the beach that early.  

I spent a lot of time looking for shells - I ended up not bringing any of them home
Great view
My Target cover-up - I saw 3 other girls with the same cover-up
We actually spent quite a bit of time in the water everyday - the waves were a lot of fun and really beat us up.  We had red flags everyday, but everyone still got out in the water.
See the shells?  I can't believe I didn't bring any back
At the end of the day, we spent some time at the pool
One of the restaurants
Getting ready for dinner
I call that my Ocean Dress

Oh, I'm so in love with that man!
On our way to dinner - our reservation wasn't until 8:30 that night - we felt really young again - we haven't eaten that late in years
Day 2 was also Amazing!  


  1. Beautiful pictures! Makes me want to go to the beach so bad!!

  2. you look so nice. cool pictures ... and thank goodness you didn't post that one with the lady wearing a thong. how can that even be comfortable. ouch/eww!


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