Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Mexico--Rest of Trip

I'm going to post the rest of the pictures since we didn't do anything but sit on the beach and read day after day - the pictures tend to all be the same.  We both read 3 books a couple of magazines.   Day 3 was also great!  We were concerned because there was about a 30% chance of rain, but it ended up being sunny all day.
Pelican chillin on the beach
Makes me so happy to relive these pictures as I'm posting them.
Getting ready to get in the water

We saw several wind surfers - so cool!

I seriously debated posting this picture - but I figured, "Hey, I'm a Momma, my body has never been perfect and never will be."
Brian is on the left
Nearing the end of the day 
Not sure why there is a pink hue

Different camera - not sure I can really pull the maxi dress off.

Start of Day 4
I asked a woman to take this picture - I really like it, but wish the color was better
I was messing around trying to get the color better and snapped this picture of Brian.  I really like it.

I couldn't get the setting right, so  I had Brian give it a try.  Of course he figured it out.  

I would like this picture if my hair weren't so wild

Just before dinner

Next Day -- a few of the pretty flowers

Packing up to leave 

Our last picture at the resort
We had such a great trip, but this was the only vacation we have ever looked forward to coming home.  It was so great to see Hudson.  We really missed him, but he had a blast.  


  1. You got some really great shots! I'm so ready to go back to the beach!!

  2. The water looked so beautiful. Ashley, you looked really good and Brian you did too. When is your next vacation, I need a Hudson fix. Love Mom

  3. Again, great pictures ... and you don't look bad at all. You both look nice.


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