Saturday, March 16, 2013

Easter Egg Hunt

Today our church had its annual Easter Egg Hunt.  We signed Hudson up for it not knowing if he'd like it or know what to do.  Much to our surprise, he had a great time!  Hudson was excited to check everything out.
Brian teaching Hudson what to do.
Hudson quickly picked up the idea
Racing for the pink egg
His basket got so full, I had to help him out a little

Two little love birds- Alex and Madison
  We tried getting a picture of the three kids, but that was pretty difficult.
  We couldn't get a single kid to look at us

Somebody's eggs got spilled and they were all busy helping pick them back up.
Hudson checking out his big score
  Man on a mission
Hudson walked right up to the Easter Egg Bunny! 
He even let him pick him up.
We tried to get all 3 kids to pose with the bunnies, but Madison wasn't having it, so Kristin had to pose with them. 
We had such a great time!  
My two favorite guys! -- I love Hudson's Easter outfit! 
This picture really shows Hudson's personality -he's wild and busy!  I'm not sure what I am doing.
Hudson loves the glider!  He was too obsessed with it to look up and smile for a picture.

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  1. What a cute little guy. Pink looks good on you.


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