Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Day in Indiana

We were in Indiana about 26 hours this past weekend- a quick, fun, little trip.  We had our annual Christmas in October Party with Brian's Grandparent's.  
I let Hudson watch some Curious George before we left so we could get everything packed up without a little helper.  We walked into our living room and found Hudson had moved one of the ottomans and was sitting in it.  
One of Hudson's presents was a toothbrush and he immediately wanted to use it.
Love his little facial expression in this picture!  He was very enthusiastic and excited about every present and kept saying, "Wow! Ahh...!"
Brian was really excited that Hudson got an Iron Man action figure.
I didn't get very many pictures, but we had a great time.


  1. Never heard of Christmas in October before. So, do you still give each other presents in December?

  2. I should have listed that Brian's Grandparents go to Florida from Nov to May, so we don't actually see them at Christmas. We only do small gifts for all the great grandchildren.


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