Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Reverse Trick or Treating

Tuesday afternoon my Mom's Group took our kids reverse trick or treating at one of the nursing homes in town.  The kids did great and the residents loved seeing them.  On the drive over, I told Hudson we were giving away candy, not keeping or eating it and told him, we wanted to serve people like Jesus, and he said, "Grandpa!" and I said, "Jesus" "Grandpa" "Jesus" "Grandpa" "Jesus" and finally "Jesus".  I don't know why he had Grandpa stuck in his head.  He wasn't very excited to give away the candy at first, but when he saw the other kids doing it, he really got into it and was handing it out to the other kids.
My little Kangaroo
Hudson loved his "Baby Joey" and was very excited to show it off.

One of the sweet residents gave Hudson goldfish and he was super excited.

Group Shot.  I wish the picture wasn't blurry.


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