Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Halloween

Halloween was delayed a day here because of the threat of severe weather and wind gusts up to 50 mph.  We were so glad it was delayed because tonight was beautiful -65 and perfect!!  I tried going with a family theme this year - but it didn't really work out.  Hudson was a kangaroo, Brian was an Aussie Safari guy, and I started out as a ladybug, but everyone thought I was a fairy, so I dropped the headband and went along with fairy. 
Love my little Kangaroo!
My two favorite guys
I think it might be peek fall weekend here - it's so beautiful!
Not sure what I am doing here - probably encouraging Hudson to keep moving.
Hudson had an awesome time!!!  He totally got into it and was nearly racing to every door.  We'd whisper, "Say Trick or Treat" and he'd say, "Tweet or Tweet".   He didn't have a very big bucket so we kept trying to take some it and put it in Brian's pockets but he wasn't crazy about us taking it.  We had to keep reassuring him that we'd give it back.
We ran into Chris, Amanda, and Alex and spent the next hour with them.  They boys were too cute and sweet!  They're such cute little buds.  We're so glad we live in this neighborhood.  Everyone was so nice and friendly.
I could not ask for a better memory!  Hudson is such a little joy and his personality is just exploding.
Amanda and Me
Amanda got a really nice new camera and volunteered to take a family picture for us


  1. You all look pretty cool. We're lame. We don't dress up.

  2. No, you're not lame!! I think we were the lame ones.


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