Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Pregnancy Update: 28 wks & a couple pix

I'm now 28 3/7 weeks into this pregnancy.  
It's been similar to my first pregnancy, but also very different.  Hudson always measured a little on the small side and this new guy is measuring 2 1/2 weeks ahead.  Hudson sat low in my belly, but this guy is sitting way high, is transverse, and it is difficult to catch my breath and sit in certain positions.  I was a lot more sick with Hudson, which was awful at the time, but I only gained 12 pounds with him.  So far, I'm up 8 pounds this pregnancy.  I'm definitely trying to eat better and exercise more.  I don't want to get too big.  

My only real craving is ICE -I can't eat enough of it!  I drive everyone crazy with all the chomping I do. Brian stopped at Sonic to get me the good ice.  I love the smell of gasoline and when I'm filling the van up, I day dream about putting the nozzle in my mouth and drinking it.  Also, when I'm using Comet, I so badly want to eat it - something about the smell and texture is driving me crazy.    

The little guy is crazy active just like Hudson, which is a little scary.  How am I going to manage 2 on the go boys?!  We can't wait to see what his personality is and what kinds of things he's interested in.  Just judging from how wild he is, I'm guessing his personality will be similar to Hudson.
Thankfully, I just passed my glucose screening - another reason to eat better and exercise more.  11 weeks to go!!  We have a lot to get done between now and then.

My talented neighbor Amanda took some pictures for us before we become a family of four.  She is still editing a few more pictures, but gave me these until she's finished.  I know Hudson isn't looking at the camera in this picture, but I love it!  He looks so sweet and innocent.  I love his little feet.  
 I don't know the last time we had a really nice picture of just the two of us.  --Thanks, Amanda for a fun photo session and great pictures.


  1. love the photos! you had me laughing on the comet and gasoline part. i like the smell of rubbing alcohol but thankfully I don't want to drink it :)
    you're so photogenic.

  2. Umm, gasoline and comet?? Weird! LOL
    Great pictures!


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