Monday, May 19, 2014

Happy 35th

Today is my parent's 35th wedding anniversary.  Happy 35 years! 
 They just left after spending the weekend with us.  We had an awesome time, like usual.  They were such a big help!  I have a big to-do list that I want to get done before the baby comes and we knocked out a big portion of it.  My mom helped me wash and sort Hudson's old clothes and organize clothes for the new baby.  We moved Hudson into his new big boy room (I'll post pictures when it's done).  We got the crib installed again and started setting up the nursery, pulled a bunch of baby items out of the attic,...  They even took Hudson swimming so Brian and I could get some other house projects done.  

My mom and I even found some time to go shopping.  My mom asked me what items we still need or want for the new baby.  I casually listed a bunch of stuff, thinking she would get maybe get 2 or 3 of them, but she turned into Nana mode and got almost everything I asked for.  What a blessing!!  

Hudson loved having them here!!  They even got to go with me when I dropped Hudson off for school this morning.  Hudson loved showing off his room and teachers.  
Sadly, I didn't get any pictures this past weekend, so I used a couple of my older favorite ones. 

Happy Anniversary!  Love you guys so much!  Thanks for a fun weekend.

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  1. Happy Anniversary to your parents. I'm sure it was lots of fun spending time with your parents and buying things for the baby. I remember those fun times with my first two {since we still lived in San Diego at the time}.


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