Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Last Day of School

Today was Hudson's last day of school.  He ended up having a great year and learned so much.  He knows his colors, shapes, some letters, can count to at least 10, mostly knows his ABC's, knows a lot of songs,...   His teachers were so loving and kind.   I'm so glad we enrolled him last year, it was completely worth it.

I tried getting some pictures before school today.  This was the best picture.  
Some Outtakes:

Waving to a bus.
I took a quick picture at drop off today of Hudson with some of the kids in his class.  
Comparison shots:  His face really did change.
What a great year!  Hudson went from screaming and crying and super clingy at drop off to 
Mr. Independent.  


  1. So sweet. He's still looks like a baby to me. His little toesies (first pic) are so cute!

  2. He's such a cutie! Love the spiked hair!


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