Thursday, February 12, 2015

Happy 7 months

You're 7 months old!  How did that happen?  We really feel like time is flying much faster with you than it did with Hudson.

You're still a sweet, happy guy, but have started demanding more of our attention and are less tolerant of being down too long.
I'm so in love with your beautiful blue eyes, I hope they stay that color.

Sleep is still hit or miss.   You were doing good, but got another ear infection and have been back to waking 1-2 x/night. You sleep about 11.5 hrs at night.  You're down to 2 naps/day.  I forgot to mention this last month, but you very sweetly "sing/hum" yourself to sleep at nap time.  You poor thing - you've been sick nearly non-stop since the beginning of November.

You are harder to photograph these days because you want to be on the go and into everything.
You are mostly sitting on your own now, every now and then you reach for something and topple over.
You are still the happiest baby I've ever seen and everyone agrees with me.  You laugh so hard at your brother and the cutest little things make you laugh.  You still squeal and screech very loudly.

You're starting to show a little stranger anxiety, you pucker your lips out and are on the verge of crying.

You are my fair weather boy, you gasp when we walk outside and it's cold and you quickly lose your patience if I don't get back inside quickly.
You roll everywhere and can pretty much get what you want that way, so I'm not sure when you'll start crawling.
You still drool non-stop and wear 2 bibs at a time and still aren't showing any signs of teeth.
Hudson is a Daddy's Boy, but I think you're going to be a Momma's Boy.  You love being held and carried around.

You've really started noticing the dogs and have taken an interest in them.  They usually get up and leave by the time you've rolled over to them.
At your doctor visit last week, you weighed 17#.
You had your first little accident two nights ago and it was all my fault.  You were sitting between my legs on the floor while I was talking to your daddy and you started to fall over and I reached down to catch you, but instead, I cut your nose with my fingernail and hit your nose pretty hard and you hit your head on the floor.  Your poor nose bled on the outside and the inside for quite a while.  I was afraid I broke your nose.  I felt/feel awful.  Thankfully you're a little toughie and handled it well and didn't cry for too long.

We started you on Avocados and you hated them initially,but love them now.  We have also tried bananas and green beans and you tolerated them, but now have grown to really enjoy them.  You are finally eating cereal better and really seem to enjoy it.
Life is so nice with you in it.
I thought I'd try and get a few pictures with this balloon but you were so fascinated with it, you stopped looking at me
I love this picture of my two boys

We're so thankful for you and love you so much!  You are such a little joy and treasure and a sweet little blessing.  We pray big things for both you and your brother.  

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