Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Snowmageddon Pics

My super talented friend and neighbor took some pictures for us the other day.  We braved the elements and took some quick shots.  I think we were in and out in about 5 minutes.
Our pretty neighborhood 
So I've decided my hair looks awful!  I've had my natural color for the past almost 6 months (I've tried to keep my hair simple with the boys) but I'm now ready to go back to light blonde after seeing these pictures.  Plus, I really need some color, I look so pale.
My sweet little guy
Trying to get Hudson to smile for 1 picture
Beckett was thinking, "Would you hurry up and smile so we can get back inside?!!"
Thanks, Amanda!  I'm really glad we got out and got some nice family photos.  


  1. These are too. It's! I can totally see him thinking that in the photo! Love it!

  2. Great pictures! We had a couple inches of snow this week. =)


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