Thursday, July 7, 2016

4th of July Weekend

We spent the past weekend in Indiana celebrating the 4th and Beckett's 2nd birthday.  It was just about the best weekend ever!  We had so much fun.  I love Independence Day, I think it's probably my favorite holiday.  Makes me want to break out and sing "And I'm proud to be an American, where at least I know I'm free and I won't forget the men who died who gave that right to me, and I'll gladly stand up next to you and defend her still today, 'cause there ain't no doubt, I love this land, God Bless the USA"
Friday before we took off for Indiana - had to take a picture of all 3 of my guys matching (Brian was unintended)
Hudson wanted to give Beckett one of his presents early, he was so proud and happy to give his brother a gift. - we changed the boys into comfy clothes to travel.  We left at 6:10 Friday night and got to my parent's house about 11:30.  It was kind of rough, Beckett got car sick and puked and puked, and neither boy slept but a few minutes, so by the time they were in bed, it was about 12:30.
Our dear, sweet friends, Brad and Sheri invited us over for a delicious lunch on Saturday.  Addie was a great helper/holder.  I can very clearly remember holding Addie when she was that age.  
My sweet, sweet, friend Sheri
Love them so much!  We loved catching up with them and hanging out.
Saturday after noon, we went to my aunt and uncles for their annual 4th of July cookout, plus anniversary party.  They've been married for 50 years!  
I love their land!  They have a big, beautiful yard that backs to a woods.  July 2 was overcast and about 75 degrees.  It's usually 95 degrees and/or raining on the 4th.  We had so much fun catching up with family.
My cousin Jen and my Aunt Bev holding Emersyn Kate.
Hudson and me messing around.  
Swinging Beckett
The boys had a blast!!   They ate everything and kept eating, especially everything sweet!  Hudson was showing me the lemonade that Nana gave him. 
My cousin's Candi and Mark - they got my aunt and uncle an Alaskan Cruise as their gift- they leave next month
My Aunt Tammy and Uncle Rob
My aunt and uncle had a little pool out for the kids, but it was so cool that didn't think it would get used.  They were wrong - those 3 little boys, at first, were just touching the water and gently splashing, then getting cups and pouring it out and on each other, then they got in.  All three boys were so cold and shivering, but they did not want to get out.   I love Colton and Beckett's faces in this pic, Beckett is waiting to get drenched from Hudson and Colton is shocked.  

Saturday night we did some fireworks at my parents.  We all had a blast!  We didn't want to keep the boys up until after 10 again for it to be dark, so this was about 9 pm.
Brian set off some fountains and a few other fun things.
That picture is a sum of his childhood -- Setting off fireworks, especially bottle rockets
We did some sparklers.  

On Sunday, we traveled to my brother's new house.  Bless Hudson's city heart, he asked, "Mommy, is that a corn field?"  That's the field behind my brother's new house.  There's an old farm saying "Knee high by the 4th of July" and that is certainly well above knee high.  (Hudson has gotten to the age where he can't do a normal smile - he looks like he's in pain).  I never thought I'd miss Indiana, but I do miss it in the summer.  I miss the corn and soybean fields, I miss the flat land and gorgeous sunsets, I miss small, small towns, I miss knowing EVERYONE, and I miss sitting on the front porch and watching a storm roll in from the west.

Beckett's 2nd birthday is actually July 12, but since we were in Indiana this past weekend, we decided to celebrate there so our families didn't have to drive back down to us.   I had originally reserved a pavilion at the park in my hometown, but 2 hours before the party, it started to pour and pour and pour and was chilly, so we quickly changed the party to my parent's house.  We made lemonade out of lemons.  I did a red, white, and blue theme again this year.  
I kept things simple- fruit, veggies, chips, drinks, and cake.  
We had a nice turn out, in fact, I think people stayed longer than they would have at the park, so it was really nice to visit.

My Grandpa and Emersyn Kate  - they both look very concerned and shocked
Present time
I missed most of the presents because I had to change Emersyn Kate's diaper
Hudson so desperately wanted to help
Then it was cake time  - his cake was from Kroger.  It was okay
Beckett didn't seem to mind
Aunt Anne loving on Emersyn Kate
Great Grandma wanted to hold and feed the baby
Not sure what my dad is doing here, but she looks pretty happy
Before we headed back to Indiana, we stopped to see our dear friends - Dave, Beth, Noel, and Elise.  It was so nice to hang out and kind of catch up -it's never enough time.  Beth very quickly snapped this sweet pic of the two E's.  After we visited, we loaded up and came home.  

My little crew.  Love them so!
Happy Independence Day!  We love America!

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