Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Happy 2nd Birthday


Happy 2nd Birthday!  You are such a fun, little guy.  You are constantly moving and into things.  You love building blocks, magnatiles, balls, trucks, dinosaurs, playing outside, balloons, and the pool.  You have sensitive little heart and sometimes get your feelings hurt when you're in trouble.  You give big hugs and kisses.  You are the easiest and best baby EVER to lay down - we read a couple of books and sing some songs, pray, give you a hug and a kiss, and lay you down.  You have always been ready for nap time and bedtime and look forward to sleep.   Sometimes, if you're not ready to sleep, you lay and look at books or sing to yourself.  In the mornings, if you wake up before us, you happily lay in your bed and sing until we come and get you - you're content for at least an hour.   You love walking out with me to go get the mail and checking the mailbox.  You are our super toughie.  You have a very high pain tolerance, you rarely cry when you get hurt, you've fallen a lot this summer and have gotten cuts and bruises and you haven't cried once, you usually whisper "ow" and kiss the boo boo or have someone else kiss it and move on.
You look like such a little boy to me now.
Some of my favorite pictures over the past 2 years:
4th of July- so far, you love your sister and LOVE holding her
My two sweet boys -spring - you're still pretty shy and take about an hour to warm up to people, but you willingly go to the nursery workers and other people that want to hold you, you're just very quiet and watchful
 I love the sweetness in your face
Christmas morning
Florida - you LOVE your Daddy.  You light up and yell with excitement whenever he comes home from work.  You take off running to get to him, you love for him to carry you around.  

You're still a pretty good eater, I'm thankful my boys aren't too picky.  You love smoothies, chicken nuggets, blueberries, fries, milk, water, crackers, hot dogs, most fruit (except not really a fan of bananas), cucumbers, carrots, and salad sometimes.
1 year old - oh, my little baldy.  Your hair finally started to come in, but you've only had 2 trims.
I clearly remember taking this picture, you weren't crazy about laying in the grass, you didn't like the feel of it
You were probably the happiest baby ever
My little cuddle ball

Birth-Day -I LOVE this picture.  It shows the pure joy Hudson experienced when he met and held you.  He loves you and is patient with you sometimes, but you two have started fighting - kind of breaks my heart, I want you both to be best friends.  You have definitely turned two and have started throwing fits if you want something and yell, "MINE!" (we're working on that).   But you can tell that you admire your brother and want to do everything he is doing. 
This past year has almost been a bit of a blur it's gone so fast.  
We love you!  We pray big things for you.We pray that you will be called "an oak of righteousness, a planting of the Lord for the display of His splendor."  You're such a joy to be around, and I can't wait to see what this next year brings.  Happy 2nd Birthday Our Little Love Bug!  We love you!

(stats to come later, after his md appt) 

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